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Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler | Film by Mr Chris Floyd

Last season, MR PORTER launched a series of films detailing the way real men dress to face the day. In the first instalment of the second series, we talk to polymath Mr Waris Ahluwalia, who tends to stick to a uniform of blazers, suits, proper shoes and beautifully made shirts. A frequent fixture on the world's best-dressed lists, Mr Ahluwalia has found fame as both an actor and jewellery designer with his label House of Waris. "I was born in the foothills of the Himalayas and moved to New York aged five," he says. His varied work sees him constantly travelling between New York, Paris and India, so whether he's heading to a film set to star in a Mr Wes Anderson film or to visit a craftsman in Rome or Jaipur, Mr Ahluwalia wears elegant clothes with the same ease with which he approaches different disciplines. "My motto in life is to learn from experience. I do things and learn from the process, and as soon as the process gets boring I am on to the next thing."