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Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

Designer Mr Marc Hare is looking forward to dressing for the warmer days. "Summer is a great opportunity to introduce colour into the men's shoe wardrobe. Coloured shoes pop out of an outfit, which makes for a nice result."

As the sun streams through the window of his East London studio, Mr Hare is proving his point by wearing a charming pair of turquoise sneakers, which provide a punchy foil to his plain shirt and chinos.

"I consider shoes to be the punctuation mark of anything that you wear," he continues. "I never think that shoes need to shout out. The details need to be there and the overall effect should be subtle."

Although Mr Hare was not trained in shoe making when he launched his brand in 2008, he already had extensive knowledge of the fashion industry thanks to running a high-end store and working in fashion marketing. By working with only the best Italian manufacturers, he quickly learnt that the best shoes require the most supple leathers and delectable levels of craftsmanship.

Mr Hare meticulously sources the leathers for his designers himself, exclusively from the most distinguished Italian tanneries. Some styles employ top-quality calfskin, which is characterised by its lack of imperfections, ability to retain a smooth finish over time, and durability. His in-demand Miller design, with its shiny toecap, uses expensive soft patent leather, which won't "de-laminate" with wear.

"We are creating shoes that have the quality to last a lifetime," he says, "so the design must also consider its place in every wardrobe for years to come. I wanted to make some shoes that were intended to just age beautifully." Considered, contemporary design, quality materials and immaculate craft? Well, if the shoe fits...