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Photography by Mr Marco Pietracupa | Styling by Mr Tony Cook
Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

According to our model, Danish musician Mr Lasse Scheufens Petersen, the key to wearing patterned shirts lies in "keeping everything else you're wearing fairly simple. If you wear a printed shirt with patterned trousers and a patterned top hat you might end up looking like a walking Jackson Pollock painting. Frame it with jeans or a suit and it'll make the shirt stand out more." We couldn't have said it better than the 29-year-old drummer, formerly of The Rakes and now Wolf Gang (

Style is important to Mr Scheufens Petersen, but up to a limit: "I don't lie awake at night thinking, 'That bright yellow velour shirt was an awful choice' or 'I wonder if socks with sandals are back in fashion yet?'" he explains. "However as a band you have to look like a unit and so you have to put some thought into what you wear on and off stage. We tend to wear darker colours as it's easier to tie five looks together that way." Throw printed pattern into the mix, however, and you could end up with a clash that is as vibrant and exciting as the music being played. Here, Mr Sheufens Petersen gamely models some of spring's most striking patterns and proves that this season, playful prints strike an optimistic note that just feels right.