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Words by Mr Peter Henderson

In the hit TV series New Girl, when Schmidt exclaims "Damn it! I can't find my driving moccasins anywhere," his long-suffering housemates force him to put a dollar in the "douchebag jar". (Other jar-worthy offences include asking where his "sharkskin laptop sleeve" and "second timepiece" have gone.) We, however, sympathise with Schmitty's plight, because driving shoes are one of our favourite types of footwear for the season. Lightweight, comfortable and, as the name suggests, perfect for driving (thanks to their flexibility, and the rubber studs on the soles which provide grip on the pedals), we always like to have a pair or two to hand, even when we're not planning to get behind the wheel. Whether you opt for suede or leather, drivers go so well with chinos, jeans and shorts they're a no-brainer for effortless summer dressing. Click through the gallery above to see five of our favourite pairs. It's time to put some rubber to the pedal. Full-throttle ahead!