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Film by Mr Chris Floyd | Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

As CEO and president of Trunk Archive, Mr Matthew Moneypenny represents the elite of fashion photographers including Mr Bruce Weber, Mr Nick Knight, Mr Hedi Slimane and Inez and Vinoodh, among many others. Philadelphia-born but New York-based, Mr Moneypenny first discovered fashion "at 13 or 14, when I would start to buy things that I saw on MTV and in GQ magazine". The power of media in spreading fashion trends has played a big part in his professional life, as he now represents those who are most talented at portraying contemporary luxurious lifestyles in print and online.

Mr Moneypenny is a firm believer in well-tailored, crisp basics and can mostly be seen sticking to a classic uniform of slim blue jeans, a tautly tailored blazer, sumptuous leather belt (such as the Bottega Veneta one he dons in the video) and Converse sneakers. The covetable heirloom Rolex watch is a delectable finishing touch.

He declares himself a fan of Alexander McQueen designs and Mr Cary Grant's style, and this combination makes perfect aesthetic sense: all Mr Moneypenny's subtly luxurious finery revolves around the humble white shirt, which he examines in the natural light for spotlessness as he gets dressed. "White whites seal the deal," he explains, "and make the wearer appear more crisp, clean and clear. Make sure you have a few T-shirts and dress shirts that are blindingly white. At the first sign that a white item is anything less than stellar, buy more."