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Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

The fact that WANT les Essentiels de la Vie mixes both English and French in its brand name reflects its multinational, multicultural nature. After all, the accessory label's USP is that it's all about the modern global traveller. "In our lives we travel incessantly," explains Mr Dexter Peart, one of the brand's co-founders (and just in case you didn't notice, an identical twin). "We saw a need in the market to respond to the needs of the new version of the traveller." In keeping with the jet-set spirit, all items are named after airports, while the word "essentiel" is a key concept for the brand that wants you to travel light, and in style, whatever your destination. "Good design," Mr Peart adds, "is universal."

But how did the twins figure out what aesthetic to employ to appeal to the new nomadic man? Years spent as busy executives running the fashion agency that they founded (that is responsible for the North American distribution of brands including Acne), and endless business trips abroad gave the brothers a clear understanding of the practical requirements of bags and accessories for professionals on the go. That is, they design for experience and know, as Mr Byron Peart explains, "a bag a man chooses should be appropriate to the situation they're in".

His twin brother agrees, noting that "a bag should have a timeless quality to it". Key to that classic quality is the bag's practicality, and we can attest that Messrs Peart's designs - with their padded shoulder straps for comfort and easily accessible internal slip pockets, ideal for storing a phone, wallet and passport - help turn our journeys into experiences as fuss-free as their aesthetic.