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Words by Mr Tom M Ford
"Someone Purer"
Mystery Jets
Ever since they formed in 2004 on Eel Pie Island, a quaint landmass on the River Thames in London, Mystery Jets have produced a stream of irresistible indie tracks. New record Radlands represents a more mature direction for the four-piece, a concept album owing much of an Americana sound to its creation in an old house on the banks of the Colorado River. Currently on an international tour, Bohemian singer Mr Blaine Harrison took some time to tell us about the tracks that inspire him.

"What a Fool Believes"
The Doobie Brothers

"The Doobies were a big influence on our new record, Radlands, and this song is a total country disco smash. When we were living out in Texas pretty much all we listened to were cokey country records from the 1970s or whatever cab drivers would play us."
Neil Young

"I was a real latecomer to Neil Young because I had only heard his more rocky stadium stuff, which sounds kind of like Bon Jovi. "Birds" always makes me feel like crying. He does a thing in the chorus where he skips a beat in the bar, you don't really notice it but it creates this subconscious tension."
"I Drink"
Mary Gauthier

"Something about this song reminds me of Marianne Faithfull, maybe the way her voice sounds like damaged goods. And there's great pedal steel on it. We have a pedal steel player touring with us - it's like this wash of colour that makes everything glow."
"Follow Baby"

"These guys are from Birmingham and are supporting us at the moment on tour. They're kind of like an old 1990s baggy band and are all shamefully talented and young. This track sounds like the Mondays crossed with Soundgarden."
"I Found You"
Alabama Shakes

"I went to see them play a couple of weeks ago and they totally smashed it. They have all these songs that could be huge hits in some kind of parallel universe where the charts aren't full of David Guetta spin-offs and lame X Factor fodder."

Mystery Jets are currently on tour. Check out dates here