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Words by Mr Paul Henderson

It was 20 years ago - almost today - that McLaren unveiled the F1. The ultimate expression of 20th-century car design, it encapsulated everything that the word "supercar" engendered. It was new, it was exciting, it was outrageous, and it was a thing of pure beauty. Oh yes, and it was fast. But the McLaren F1 wasn't the first supercar, and it certainly wasn't the last. Over the years, everyone from established Italian thoroughbreds through to blue-collar American manufacturers have had a go at cracking the supercar code, but only a small number have really hit the automotive heights. The 10 we have chosen are a mix of the fast and the furious, the scintillating and the scientific, and the brave and the bold. Some are starting to show their age while others are still ahead of their time, but they all remain irresistibly iconic.

And what to wear while driving them...