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Illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry

Mr George Clooney's character in the movie Up in the Air may have been the first man in history who didn't find regular business travel a drag. It's not just a drag because it's impossible to solicit any sympathy from friends or family who don't travel for work - they invariably imagine that every time a man steps on an aeroplane he's going on holiday - but because travel can take its toll on a guy - particularly on his skin. Between the early starts, the endless hours spent in airless environments and the temptation to subsist on a diet that consists of strong coffee and carbs during the day, and rich food and drink in the evening, it's hard to look, or feel, your best. Our advice? By combining diligent use of some essential grooming products with a thoughtful approach to one's health, a man can be assured that not only will he win the business, he'll also look the business.


Five Things Not To Say In Front Of Your Father-In-Law

Modern men moisturise. So get over it. By applying moisture before a long-haul flight, either in the form of A?sop's Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream or Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol, you'll be sure to arrive looking refreshed.

In the interests of health and domestic harmony, the sensible thing to do is eschew alcohol. Boring? Us? Sure, a nip of a decent single malt won't do any harm while settling into the film but we suggest chasing your tipple of choice with a hearty glass of water.

It's easy to overdo the caffeine when the air stewardess keeps topping you up, but unless you've got work that must be done in the air, forgo her refilling advances and instead get some more sleep on the plane - your skin will thank you for it tomorrow.

While it's true that your hotel will provide a bar of face-parching soap and a cheap toothbrush, men who travel regularly should keep a well-stocked Dopp kit packed at all times - rather than ransack their bathroom cabinet every time they hit the road.

And what to pack while doing it...