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Photography by Mr Michael Bodiam | Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

London-based creative entrepreneur Mr Alasdhair Willis has been a painter, a magazine publisher and a furniture manufacturer, but has now set up a strategic communications agency, called The Anonymous Partner, to stand alongside Announcement, his branding agency, whose most famous client is Mr David Beckham. Mr Willis' firm acts as creative consultant to Mr Beckham's nascent brand and devised the logo and ad campaign for his range of underwear. Companies that work with The Anonymous Partner include champagne house Veuve Clicquot, auction house and art dealer Christie's, and men's luxury brand Dunhill.

What prompted you to leave furniture manufacturer Established & Sons?
It's difficult to leave something you've created, but the day to day of running a furniture company is slightly less interesting than getting it up and running. I'm very proud of the name Established & Sons, and the branding and the identity work.
Are you now hunting for clients?
I don't want to be a large agency. I want to be a partner with my clients and I only work with people who reflect my interests, personality and skills. They range from Christie's to Adidas, David Beckham to Alfred Dunhill. That reflects my personality and interests - I love sport, clothes, fashion and the arts.
You used to be a painter; are you now a collector?
I do collect. There are artists and designers who I always look out for at auction. I'm a very big fan of Hans Bellmer, a German Dadaist, and on a design level it's Rietveld - if there's a good piece [at auction] I'll always go after it.
We have to ask - what is Mr Beckham like?
David is a great guy. He's a genuine guy, he's a great ambassador for football but now he's moving into a different stage in his career. There are a few figures in British public life who we just love, respect and admire - they become part of the DNA of our culture. David's one of them.
Why did you decide to open your office in Mayfair?
It's a great location. I love St James's and I love Mayfair, it's a vibrant part of town. I wanted an office that reflected what this business is about - we're not an edgy East End agency, it's a more strategic, high-level operation.
You're in the image business - are you personally interested in clothes?
I like dressing well, I always have. When I was at The Slade [a London art school] I wore suits and I painted in suits. Now I go to a tailor called Henry Rose, who's on Bruton Street. He's one of the old guard. It doesn't matter who you are to Henry, he gives you the same flak, but now we're getting close to what I reckon is the perfect suit. I also love J.Crew and Drake's, and I have my shirts made for me.
What's next for The Anonymous Partner?
I'm going to São Paolo because we're talking about opening an office there. With the forthcoming World Cup and Olympics there's a lot happening [in Brazil]. The location says a lot about the centres of activity in my industry; South America is an important place to be.
You run two businesses, and have four children. Do you ever get to relax?
By the nature of what I do I'm working all the time. My wife and I [fashion designer Ms Stella McCartney] have a strong weekend policy, which is that unless we're really up against it we do try to switch off as much as possible. But when you work at this level clients rightly believe that they have access to you when and wherever. I never turn my phone off.