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Photography by Mr Will Davidson | Styling by Mr Dan May
Words by Mr Jeremy Langmead

Sometimes you hear about a new show, catch an episode and then, almost instantly, you're hooked. It's annoying: not only is that yet another evening removed from your "let's go for a drink" roster, it's precious mind-time sacrificed to wondering how the characters are going to cope with the latest plot twists. And it means you're going to like your friends a little less if they don't share your enthusiasm. USA Network's hit TV series Suits, which first premiered in the US last June, is one of those shows: it's a slick, witty, intelligent and stylish legal drama that very quickly took the MR PORTER offices by storm.

A suit is a piece of sartorial armour that can serve a man through every battle and triumph he faces - from bar to boardroom

Fortunately, we're not the only ones to have succumbed to the show's charms: 24 million US viewers watched the first season - a season that aired in 42 territories internationally. So it seemed only right - and not too selfish of us - to dedicate an entire edition of The Journal to the show on the eve of the second season premiere on 14 June - and of course its array of suits and apparel. After all, a suit is a piece of sartorial armour that can serve a man through every battle and triumph he faces - from bar to boardroom. It is the easiest, most flattering item we can wear. A good piece of tailoring can straighten backs, flatten stomachs and mask hangovers, imbuing its wearer with confidence and clout. What's not to like?

While there have been some momentously stylish suit wearers on television, the current prize has to go to Harvey Specter, one of the two main characters in Suits, played by the actor Mr Gabriel Macht. Mr Macht gets to wear impeccably tailored suits from Tom Ford, handsomely proportioned ties confidently fastened with a half Windsor knot, and the final flourish of a natty pocket square. It's a look that manages to be traditional and yet supremely contemporary. Mr Macht describes it as "Cary Grant meets Steve McQueen". But however superficial we may sometimes appear, ultimately it's the plotlines, not the hemlines, of this fictional New York law firm that have us gripped week after week. How will Mike Ross (played by the SAG-nominated actor Mr Patrick J Adams), the brilliant college dropout who accidentally inveigled his way on to the staff of one of the city's finest legal closers, keep the truth about his background a secret as he helps his boss battle and bluff his way through some of the toughest legal cases in the city?

We visited the show's set in Toronto and interviewed Mr Macht and Mr Adams about their own personal style, as well as that of the characters they play; we've also picked out our favourite suits of the season (and told you how to find one that suits you). In other words, we've brought alive, and together, the worlds of both Suits and MRPORTER.COM. Enjoy the ride!