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Photography by Mr John Lindquist
Words and styling by Ms Sophie Hardcastle

As well as ticking all our sartorial boxes, legal drama Suits has provided us with our latest crush. Los Angeles-born actress Ms Meghan Markle, 30, is perhaps best known for her roles on Fringe and CSI, as well as a silver-screen appearance in Horrible Bosses, however it's her part as the cat-eyed, feisty-but-feminine paralegal Rachel Zane that has us hot under the collar. Here, Ms Markle gives us the nod on what she likes a man to wear, as well as the tips and tricks to get her attention - not that it will do you any good: sadly, someone already beat us to it.

Your character, Rachel, is often asked for sartorial advice from Mike - is this something you are happy to dish out in real life?
I think women have a really good sense of what looks good on men, especially if it's their own man, and in turn they should want to look good for her.
Do you find yourself dressing your husband?
He always wants a new style makeover, and I'm not the best at it if I'm honest, but I try to piece things together for him. More than anything I think men look best when they dress simply, in a clean and sexy way - even if that's just a button-down shirt.
What five things should every man have in his wardrobe?
Definitely a beautifully tailored suit, and a perfect white button-down - which can be paired with something simple such as jeans or slacks but always look fantastic. My husband wears basic black crew-neck T-shirts, which are very simple but oh-so sexy; I happen to love a man in a linen shirt, it just makes me think of vacations and walking barefoot on the beach - and who doesn't like to think of that? And of course they need jeans. I also happen to love men in boat shoes, so I'd have to throw those in too.
Describe your perfect date from start to finish.
A perfect date could be any number of things, but what's most important is that they are good company. It doesn't matter if it's fancy or not, it's all about the company and embracing every little second of it. I've had dates at the nicest restaurants, but when you leave you're starving and the best part of the date is having a slice of pizza and a couple of drinks on the way home. I think it's important to be able to roll with the punches and enjoy every minute of it. If he makes you laugh that helps.
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What is the best thing about playing Rachel Zane?
Rachel is so well written. She's strong, interesting and a little sassy, which I appreciate, and I love that she's still striving for something. Her ambition is something I find very attractive, so playing her is a lot of fun. I like that I not only get to play a romantic interest, but also a woman who is on the brink of a big career change.
Who is the better dresser in your eyes, Harvey or Mike?
It's so hard to choose. Harvey wears the most beautiful, perfectly tailored suits and he looks fantastic wearing them, but what I like about how Mike dresses is that he too wears beautifully tailored suits, but there is always a little bit of edge that keeps it from being perfect and I find there's something very sexy about imperfection.
What sort of suit gets your approval and why?
I think a man in a suit always looks fantastic, but the other day the guys were wearing tuxedos on set and I had a moment where I did a double take and thought, "Oh my God, you guys look so hot." I think seeing a guy dressed up when you're not used to seeing someone that way is a big turn on.
What should a guy buy a girl these days to impress her?
For me it's never about the gift, rather than the thought behind it. I've been given extravagant gifts, but I think the things that always mean the most to me are those that are thoughtful, small and sweet. Although it's always nice to receive lingerie, but I guess that can be considered small and sweet too.
What is the best way to get your attention?
It sounds so simple, but it's just to be kind. I think when you watch a man who is kind to whoever he is speaking with and you can see he is a good egg, it is the most attractive thing in the world. From there you get to know them and see their character, humour and ambition come through, but I still think kindness is the most important thing. That and being comfortable in your own skin.
You are from LA but work on a New York set - which city's men are the better dressed?
I have to apologise to my Californian natives, but I was just in New York and the sense of style there is overwhelming and so cool. I think the way people dress in that city is incredibly inspiring. Though I love the flip-flop culture of LA and I'm a true California girl at heart, there's nothing like getting dolled up in New York, with a sharply dressed man on your arm.

The second season of Suits premieres on USA Network in the US on 14 June at 10/9c, with all new episodes every Thursday.