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Illustrations by Mr Nick Hardcastle

A suit is a serious investment, and as such should be treated with a certain degree of po-facedness. The starting point when choosing a new suit is to be clear about its purpose. This may sound obvious enough, I know, but these things are no longer as straightforward as they once were. Nowadays, the suit has many potential uses: to wear to the office, wedding participation, court attendance, at the horse races, partying, front man of a new band - the list is almost endless. Whatever the purpose, the most important thing to remember is that you should always look better with a suit on than without it. That's the whole point. It hides the bits of your body you would rather not flaunt and emphasises those you would. That's why the ladies always appreciate a guy in a good suit. Here, I've outlined how the suit can work for any situation, professional or otherwise.