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The background

Mr Jean Touitou gained valuable experience working with like-minded creatives at Kenzo in the Seventies, and later at Joseph. A man of many interests, he has always had a passion for music and even ran his own record label for two years prior to launching A.P.C.

The style

The breton striped sweater has nautical origins: it was introduced as part of the uniform for French navy sailors in 1858. Decades later it was given high-fashion legitimacy by Ms Coco Chanel, before becoming a perennial part of the rock'n'roll uniform. Music has always been an integral element of A.P.C.: one out of three people who work for the label is a musician.

The details

The sweater is finely knitted in Europe from heavyweight jersey cotton. The dark green stripes are labeled as 'faux noir' or false black, because they appear black in certain lights. A discreet A.P.C. patch is placed above the hem.

The influences

Mr Touitou shuns fashion shows and celebrity culture, instead focusing on musicians and artists. His influences are diverse to say the least: Mr Bruce Weber shot an advertising campaign for the brand using actors from the film Gomorrah, while Mr Touitou was recently inspired by Mr Hugh Holland's photographs of Los Angeles skateboarders in the 1970s.

The details

The durable, heavy-duty zips are engraved with the Bottega Veneta name and are tested several times before the bags leave the workshop. This bag is ideal for carrying a laptop or iPad, as both compartments are padded inside.

Photography by Mr Will Thom
"I think it's only by attempting to create something beautiful that you manage to have a
bearable existence"
Mr Jean Touitou, president, A.P.C.

Founded by Mr Jean Touitou in 1987, A.P.C. (which stands for Atelier de Production et de Création) was born from a reaction against the ostentatious fashion that was all the rage in Paris at the time. With a belief that clothes should not overshadow the personality of the wearer, A.P.C. quickly became renowned for its simple, well-tailored wardrobe staples, inspired by workwear and free from embellishment. Today, the label's stylish, pared-down aesthetic seems as appropriate as ever; while trends come and go, there is something reassuringly constant and no-nonsense about Mr Touitou's signature brand of Parisian cool.


the founder
Mr Jean Touitou was born and raised in Tunisia, before moving to France in 1960. He is currently involved in a range of creative projects besides running A.P.C., including opening a school in Paris
The Paris headquarters has a recording studio that both staff and bands can use (the rapper Mr Joey Starr is currently in residence). A.P.C. also release special edition band T-shirts. Mr Touitou once stated, "We make noise not clothes."
A.P.C.'s raw-denim selvedge jeans, available to buy on MR PORTER, enjoy a cult status. Last year the brand launched the Butler series, enabling customers to buy reconditioned pre-worn jeans that have already been broken in
In 2010 A.P.C. launched their quilt project, making quilts in the Amish tradition using leftover fabric from the brand's 23 year history
A look from the latest collection, which is filled with the classic casual styles the brand has become known for


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