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A good suit is one of life's serious investments: on or off-duty, it gives you that certain edge and polish that no other item in your wardrobe can. It can hide a hangover, tame a paunch and even make you look taller. When it comes to finding the perfect suit, fit is king: even the most beautifully-constructed tailoring can come across as sloppy if the fit is not quite so. But fear not. If you do your research and know what to look out for, buying a suit online can be a seamless experience.

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Take your time: good research is essential when it comes to finding the right suit for your shape. Read up on your designers, their sizing and details on how they cut their suits, and watch the videos on the product pages in order to see how it fits from all angles


A well-fitting suit will enhance your good parts and hide your not so good parts, but an ill-fitting suit will do almost the reverse. Invest in a measuring tape before you invest in an off-the-peg suit


Get the length of your trousers just right: the back hem should sit just on the heel of your shoe and 'break' subtly at the front, resting on the laces. There is a trend towards a short trouser these days but be wary - you don't want half your shin on display when you take a seat in the boardroom


A great white shirt is going to work with any suit but don't just stop there - accessories can really add some polish. Go for a knitted tie in a slim shape, a neat tie bar in plain silver or gold, and add a simple pocket square


Bad shoes can make any suit look cheap so if you're planning to invest in some premium tailoring, getting your footwear up to scratch is something to consider, too. After all, they are often the first thing women, or indeed other men, look at when you walk into a room

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