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Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler | Film by Mr Aaron Christian

"Aston Martin makes the finest cars in the world. I think we have a shoe that reflects this," says Mr Andrés Hernández, the creative director of the 163-year-old British footwear brand John Lobb. The storied car manufacturer that has been honing its technical knowledge for a century and the rarefied leather shoemaker have collaborated to produce the ultimate driver's shoe, the Winner Sport, with as much luxurious synergy as champagne and caviar.

"The design direction for an Aston Martin is about purity and simplicity of form, and brilliant proportion. But above all, there must be beauty," explains Mr Marek Reichman, the director of design for Aston Martin. Exquisite leather and beautiful hand stitching are the common denominators found in both the designs of Aston Martin's interiors and John Lobb's shoes, and although speed and energy were new factors for the footwear label it ran with the ideas.

Made from full-grain calfskin and lined with sumptuous sheepskin, Mr Reichman explains how the resulting design is miles ahead of a traditional leather shoe: "One of the most important factors of Aston Martin design is the dynamic tension that the car has. So when you look at a car and it's static, it also has movement - and that's because we put tension into every single surface. That is the same in a John Lobb shoe."

As Mr Hernández, puts it, "Design to me is the end product, and it should be perfection." Sleek, fast and streamlined, rendered in a sophisticated palette of muted shades - we think the Winner Sport is truly a tour de force of creativity and craftsmanship.

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