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Photography by Mr Chris Brooks | Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

Every one of us wants to be like James Bond. Whether it's his ability to wield a gun, drive a car, play his hand at poker or talk to a woman, he is the man we wish we were. Of course, his legendary sense of style is a vital part of Bond's appeal, something that author Mr Ian Fleming ensured when he used the lightest of literary touches to allude to a perfectly dressed, but never showy, Englishman.

As a result of Mr Fleming's reticence to provide details of how Bond dressed when, in 1962, 007 was brought to life for the film of Dr. No his wardrobe had to be invented. The result, largely credited to the film's director Mr Terence Young and made by his tailor, Mr Anthony Sinclair, was a model of elegant understatement. It set the tone for the next 50 years of Bond style, with the only deviations being the forays into 1970s fashion undertaken by Sir Roger Moore, and the current predilection for skin-tight tailoring displayed by Mr Daniel Craig in the forthcoming film Skyfall.