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Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

Not since the heyday of boxing legend Mr Muhammad Ali has a champion fighter knocked us out in the style stakes like 25-year-old Mr Amir Khan. With one Olympic medal and a world title under his Italian-crafted leather belt, the lightweight boxer looks as strong in his shorts and gloves as he does in sharp tailoring, favouring a modern narrow collar and slim cuts. "I love my fashion, clothing and style," says the golden boy from urban Bolton, England, who started boxing at the age of eight when his father took him off the streets and brought him to the local boxing club to "teach me some discipline".

Given that he starts his day at 6am with a four-mile jog, it's clear that Mr Khan is a focused man and a cunning fighter. "You have to believe in yourself if you want to achieve your best," he says, whether it comes to the way you live, work or dress. "My kit's explosive, like my fighting style," says Mr Khan, describing his wardrobe. "When you dress well, you fight well." Here, he shows us exactly how he gets in fighting form.

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