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Words by Mr Peter Henderson

As we all know, the first step to dressing well is getting the basics right. Once you've found the perfect straight-leg jeans, mastered how to wear a blue blazer faultlessly and banished all band T-shirts from your wear-out-of-the-house wardrobe (unless you're still in your twenties), that's all good and well, but if you really want to take your personal style to the next level, and stand apart from the crowd, it's time to take on some print. Until recently a lot of men tended to avoid print, but many of us have lately discovered that it's not that difficult to wear. Obviously "less is more" is the mantra here, unless you're confident in playing an advanced game by deliberately clashing different prints for a high-impact look. Whatever your approach, though, these six printed pieces that we are currently coveting are a good place to start.