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Words by Mr Peter Henderson

A quick survey in the MR PORTER office confirms our hunch that an ever-growing number of men are swapping bulky wallets for slimline card holders, which fit easily in the pocket without disrupting the lines of an outfit and contain only the day's essentials - old receipts, loyalty cards belonging to coffee shops which have long gone out of business and the other paraphernalia that contribute to overstuffed wallet syndrome, are not part of the picture. Increasingly we find ourselves going cash-free, relying on the convenience of bank cards, but if you like to carry more crisp bank notes than can fit into a card holder's central compartment, a money clip is the perfect way to complete this new, minimalist set-up. Decluttering your bulging wallet and extracting the few items you actually use on a day-to-day basis might seem like a hassle, but we can as good as guarantee that once you've gone sleek and streamlined, you won't look back.