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Words by Mr Tom M Ford
"Dream On"
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Once you've digested the absurd moniker and similarly outlandish stage garb (anything from a stegosaurus costume to a peacock-feathered hat), you'll realise Mr Orlando Higginbottom, signed to major label Polydor, is rather serious about making wonderfully accessible electronic music. His addictive, pop-licked House tunes, with Metronomy-esque vocals (check out "Dream On") are attracting packed-out crowds at festivals across Europe. After last month's release of debut album Trouble and before a tour taking in North America and the UK, the 26-year-old DJ from Oxford, England told us what he's currently spinning on his decks.

Palais Schaumburg

"It's really exciting to find something like this and know there is a whole catalogue to check out. I think they are reforming for a festival in Cologne I'm playing this summer, so I'll get to sing along!"

"A beautiful track that I can't wait to play in my DJ sets this summer. It captures so much of what I love about late 1980s and early 1990s dance music; a real sense of freedom."
"Love Machine"

"Supermax is the project of Kurt Hauenstein, apparently. It's definitely worth checking out some of the artwork for his releases."
"Shadow Boxing"
Nasty Habits

"The definitive track from my teenage drum 'n' bass years. This was legendary producer Doc Scott bringing darkness to dancefloors and mixtapes like never before. Except that it was more about bringing darkness to my cycle ride to school..."
"No Music" (KiNK remix)
Oleg Wave

"I love pretty much everything that KiNK touches and this is a very good example."

The album artwork for TEED's debut album, Trouble, 2012

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