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Music by Mr Donnie Little & Mr Adriano Buffone | Styling by Mr Tony Cook
Words by Mr Peter Henderson

To celebrate the debut London Collections: Men shows in June, MR PORTER threw a party with Esquire magazine and Jimmy Choo. That wasn't all, though. We also collaborated with Jimmy Choo on a short film, to showcase the internationally renowned, London-based brand's AW12 collection. Jimmy Choo's designers, Ms Sandra Choi and Mr Simon Holloway, were inspired by the eclectic style of Mr Jimi Hendrix (who lived in Mayfair, London, in the late 1960s), so the film has a swinging 1960s vibe to it - something that also reflects the distinctly British design of Jimmy Choo shoes. In further recognition of this, each pair is named after an iconic London street or neighbourhood. With impeccable Italian craftsmanship behind the designs, and a broad choice of styles available, from classic leather Oxfords to louche Chelsea boots and loafers, we can't wait to get our feet into the new collection. Watch the film above and read our Q&A with the designers below to find out more.

What is the inspiration behind the AW12 collection?
Ms Choi: There's a rock'n'roll vibe to the collection. We were inspired by the flamboyant and eclectic style of Jimi Hendrix, who settled in London during the late 1960s.

Mr Holloway: There was a particularly British dandyism that stemmed from the loosening up of Savile Row during the late 1960s, championed by Tommy Nutter and Mr Fish. This season, the traditional brogue styles have a modernist cut while the hippie and psychedelic rock influences informed our choice of colours, such as deep purple and in particular our new Porno Camo print.
How has the Jimmy Choo men's line evolved since it was launched a year ago?
Mr Holloway: We are becoming braver. While the collection is routed in a form of British classicism, we are interested in the exciting place that exists between traditional luxurious shoemaking and the influences of fashion, sport and street style. We love trainers and slippers as much as we love more tailored boots or shoes.
What is the story behind the names given to the shoes?
Mr Holloway: All our style names are inspired by quintessentially British names or London locations; Belgravia, Sloane and Hoxton to name a few. This amazing city is a continuous source of inspiration and we name everything based on the character of the shoe.
What are the key pairs that every man should own this fall?
Ms Choi: I think every man should have a pair of the Sloanes in their wardrobe, our take on the classic men's smoking slipper. They look really cool worn with jeans and a jacket or really dressed up for a formal event.

Mr Holloway: I love the traditional-modern fusion of our tailored and brogued Brompton boot. It's a slick and sexy way to wear a more classic style.

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