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Illustrations by Mr Angelo Trofa | Words by Mr Peter Henderson

When it comes to holiday footwear, there are two main considerations. The first is practicality: if you're going somewhere sunny, sandy or salty, anything too restrictive or liable to be scratched and blemished needs to be left behind - polished leather boots, for example. The second, and more interesting, concern is aesthetic. You don't want to be that guy who looks uptight in brogues at the beach, or mistakes "holiday style" for "no effort required" and wears ratty old running shoes everywhere. Instead, we find a carefully selected armoury of boat shoes, espadrilles and loafers cover most holiday situations, and will ensure you look sharp as you sun yourself. If you normally wear figuratively straight-laced shoes in dark colours for work, holidays present a great opportunity for being more adventurous and introducing your feet to some pattern and colour. Click through the gallery above to see six of our favourite off-duty summer shoes.