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Photography by Mr Jon Gorrigan | Styling by Mr Tony Cook
Words by Mr Tom M Ford

During our shoot, British DJ Mr Kitt Proudfoot is a ball of fizzing energy. Not even the groomer's attempts to pluck his chin stubble deter him from an endless stream of enthusiasm. "Last week I played in London at La Bodega Negra and The Arts Club on Dover Street. Then I jumped on a plane to play in Rudolf Nureyev's old house on an island near Naples. I came back to play at a wedding, and then on Sunday I played Space in Ibiza." With weeks like this, ending at one of Ibiza's top clubs, it's little wonder Mr Proudfoot is excitable.

Raised in the English city of Newcastle, he found early success as a basketball player but after becoming disillusioned ("I wasn't fast; I was just loud") London beckoned, and he put his confidence to good use by doing PR and marketing for West End clubs. Booking the DJs he wanted to learn from, he then booked himself. "I faked it till I made it." After working at his new trade Mr Proudfoot amassed fans and independent bookings. Now, at the age of 28, he's setting up his own label, plays nights and residencies in London (anywhere from The Box to the opulent Loulou's) and commands sets in Ibiza, where his brand of House and techno goes down particularly well.

Being influenced by the Balearic House genre, which gave the white isle its musical integrity in the 1980s, Mr Proudfoot is a fan of old favourites such as Mr Greg Wilson and the Detroit techno musician Moodymann. Left to his own devices, however, and the disco-infused tunes and rock remixes he spins suit new "home", the "We Love" event at Ibiza superclub, Space, perfectly. "'We Love' has the weirdest taste on the island. I'm playing next Sunday, and at the closing party. My job is to take people out of their heads, so I refuse to play the obvious."

A simmering bravado is backed up by drive, ambition and skill, "I'm learning bongos, piano, mouth organ and singing", hinting at Mr Proudfoot's staying power. Space has already pencilled him in for next summer's party season, adding to a packed schedule taking in warehouses and clubs across the UK. The party looks set to continue.

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