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Photography by Mr Tomo Brejc | Styling by Mr Tony Cook
Words by Mr Tom M Ford

When discussing the creation of Misty Eye, his debut album on RCA, Mr Aiden Grimshaw is pleasingly straight talking. "I just wanted to make music that sounded honest and good. I played a bit of piano; hit some beer bottles. It was a very experimental time."

Retaining perspective is an attribute not necessarily held by many young singers who find fame quickly. Showing early promise as a "typical stage school kid", the 20-year-old Blackpool-born artist soon ditched wedding and cabaret performances in the hope of becoming an actor. Following underwhelming A-Level results and lacking a place at a drama college, Mr Grimshaw decided, much to the chagrin of his mother, to take a gap year. One week later, a fresh-faced 18 year old stood in front of a live TV audience and music entrepreneur Mr Simon Cowell to audition on British talent show The X Factor. The public instantly warmed to him. "I'd obviously recommend it. I worked in Pizza Hut before, so it's an amazing opportunity. For someone from Blackpool there isn't much out there."

It's a pretty angry song. The video is dark - I wanted it to be honest

Misty Eye reveals that the decision to appear on the show was justified. "Is This Love", his first single, uses an impactful drum'n'bass beat. "It's a pretty angry song," says Mr Grimshaw. "The video is dark - I wanted it to be honest." Other tracks, such as "Poacher's Timing", offer up subtle, intelligent electronica. The album as a whole leans away from puerile pop cliché, with a sound that owes much to the production talents of Mr Jarrad Rogers, who has worked with the likes of Ms Lana Del Rey. He and Mr Grimshaw were introduced by RCA, and hit it off instantly. "He's one of the only people I've met who understands the weird s**t I say," reveals a grinning Mr Grimshaw.

An 11-date tour of the UK beginning 19 September, and an imminent third single, show that things are progressing healthily for the singer-songwriter. He, however, is keeping himself firmly grounded. "I'll have to see how it goes and just keep going with it. It never had to be a job - it was always a dream."

With youth, looks and an impressive singing voice on his side, we think there's mileage in this emerging star, making him a perfect candidate to model four of our favourite contemporary brands.

Buy Misty Eye here. See Mr Grimshaw's tour dates here.

"Is This Love" by mr aiden grimshaw