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Words by Mr Stu Bowers, deputy editor of Cyclist

The bicycle industry is proving highly resilient in this time of recession and financial hardship. The current outlook is certainly rosy for the UK market, bolstered in part by Mr Bradley "Wiggo" Wiggins' Tour de France victory and the Olympic Team's medal haul in the velodrome that followed, but elsewhere in Europe and the US the status appears buoyant too. Many attribute the current global boom in cycling's popularity to more people choosing pedal power as part of a healthier lifestyle, to stave off an early heart attack, and also to save on fuel and travel costs.

While those are undeniably true we at Cyclist would also suggest a simpler, more whimsical back story. Quite simply we believe it's become cool to ride a bike. Lycra-clad cyclists - once the butt of ridicule, have been accepted into society, such that instead of feeling as if the entire café is pointing and whispering about you, the café is now frequented by the so called "Mamils" - Middle-Aged Men in Lycra. We hate the term but can't knock the enthusiastic, upbeat vibe for cycling right now. We've even heard cycling described as "the new golf", as business deals are being struck on bikes in the lanes, rather than the fairways. Click through the slides above to see our top 10 most desirable ways to splash your cash on a new road bike...

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