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Illustrations by Mr Angelo Trofa

Winter means boots, and lots of them. Boots can be worn for a host of different reasons; many are undoubtedly chosen for their utility, such as army boots or work boots, while it's the formality of others, such as dress boots or equestrian boots, which appeals. Meanwhile some, such as Diemme's hiking boots and Red Wing's biker boots, fill both these roles.

Just as there's a wide variety of boots, so there's a variety of ways to lace them. These can be selected for reasons of practicality or style; anything from unremarkable schemes that are worn purely for comfort, through to distinctive-looking patterns that will undoubtedly attract attention. A well-executed lacing pattern is the important finishing touch to any pair of boots, and indeed your outfit. Above are five contrasting techniques, some of which only you will appreciate, and some of which are likely to start some conversations.

To avoid a messy result, try to be consistent with crossovers. Either always cross left over right, or always right over left, or always alternate.

For a symmetrical look, reverse the crossovers on the other boot.

When tying, avoid a "granny knot" or "slip knot", which both sit crooked and come undone. A correctly tied shoelace knot should sit straight across the boot and stay secure.

Better still, learn one of the many secure shoelace knots, which will survive any boot-related punishment, whether you're out hiking, or riding your motorbike.

Different lacing methods will require different lace styles and lengths. For laces galore, go to

And what to wear while doing it...