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Art direction by Mr Jefferson Hack | Photography by Mr Cameron Alexander
Words by Mr Nick Carvell

"I 'm making these shoes for people who don't like boundaries," says Mr Jefferson Hack of his new Tod's footwear collaboration. "'No_Code' means living without rules, living beyond the boundaries of society's restrictions." And he should know. As the founder of innovative British magazine Dazed & Confused, Mr Hack is used to being at the forefront of fashion and technology. So when it came to launching Tod's No_Code on the MR PORTER site we wanted to do something that pushed our boundaries - a shoot conducted live, solely on our social media channels for the world to watch.

Instagram was the obvious platform choice to showcase the shoot. In only two short years, the photo-sharing app has become a social media phenomenon, gaining more than 100 million users worldwide and being bought by Facebook for $1bn earlier this year, valuing the company higher than 161-year-old The New York Times Company, priced at $946m. Talk about breaking the rules.

With art direction on the day from Mr Hack himself, photography by up-and-comer Mr Cameron Alexander and pointers from our 24,000 Instagram followers, we spent the day shooting the Tod's No_Code collection in the scenery that inspired its creation: London's East End. Take a look at the photos you helped to create here, search for "todslive" on our Tumblr or take a look at our Instagram to see all the behind-the-scenes shots.

Here, we caught up with Mr Hack on set to get his insight on the latest collection, which you can view by clicking through the slides above.

How did the Tod's collaboration come about?
I'm not a typical Tod's customer, but I would keep bumping into Diego Della Valle [CEO of Tod's] and he would always look at what I was wearing on my feet and ask, "When are you going to wear Tod's?" to which I said, "When you let me design a pair of shoes that I like." It was a flippant remark, but he dared me to do it. Now we're in our second season and the fun continues. I don't know what he'll ask me to do next. Maybe it will be a boat or a plane or a scooter - that would be fun.
How did you keep the DNA of Tod's in the collection?
We're mixing Italian craftsmanship with a London style sensibility. The reason for working with Tod's on this collection was the brand's workmanship and the fantastic materials it works with. To be able to play within that framework is great. Also, Tod's is a classic brand; this was an opportunity to take a different direction, to adopt a London street-style attitude, with someone who's used to breaking rules. We were given a lot of freedom to have a lot of fun and I was really happy with the results.
What's so special about these shoes?
The leather for the shoes is hand-massaged in Italy, which means it's the softest leather you can ever put around your feet. Also they're airport security approved. I hate taking my shoes off when I go through airport security. That took a lot of wrangling, but now you can fly in style.
Any particular inspirations for this, your second collection?
I was inspired by the idea of a group of kids, two boys and a girl, who were dressed for the city who had, maybe, been out all night and were ready to escape to a place of calm and tranquillity.
Why choose London?
Because it's very multicultural and it's an incredible melting pot of styles with an inventive youth that like to mix it up and make it their own.

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