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Video by Mr Chris Floyd | Music by Mr Jason Darling

Who better to kick off the third season of our video series, The Way I Dress, than Mr Nick Sullivan, the fashion director of US Esquire. Born in Dorset, UK, but now based in New York City, Mr Sullivan is renowned for his impeccable sense of style, so we jumped at the chance to film him in his Brooklyn townhouse talking us through his approach to dressing. "I think I probably picked up a few things about style from my dad, and I'm slightly inspired in a way by photographs of him from before I was even born," Mr Sullivan says. Although he collects Edwardian clothing, and his look errs on the classic side, with a foundation in flawless tailoring, Mr Sullivan is not one to discount the importance of fashion in favour of style: "To me the difference between style and fashion is less important than what they add to each other," he says. Discover more of his views on style by watching the film above.

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