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Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

Given the relaxed nature of modern dress codes, men's clothes must be versatile, and few items are as versatile as the tweed jacket, one of MR PORTER's fall Essentials and one of 20 items we think every man should own. Need to dress up for a client meeting? Put on a tweed jacket, a shirt and tie, a pair of grey wool trousers and some brown suede shoes. Going on a date? Put on a tweed jacket, a white T-shirt, a pair of slim jeans and some desert boots. Going for a walk in the country? Put on a tweed jacket, a flannel shirt, corduroy trousers and a pair of Wellington boots. You get the idea; like a Land Rover, a robust tweed jacket can go almost anywhere, and like a Land Rover, a tweed jacket is a British design classic.

As for how to wear them, this season we favour the American Ivy style over the British country look. This involves slim chinos, Oxford cloth or chambray button-down shirts, and brown loafers or desert boots. Click through the slides above to see seven men who have helped secure the tweed jacket's status as a true menswear staple.