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Photography by Mr Chris Brooks | Styling by Mr Tony Cook
Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

They might scream summer, but sunglasses are the perfect accessory for the winter months, too. Practically speaking, it makes perfect sense: in northern climes the winter sun sits lower in the sky, making eyewear an essential for driving, and if you intend on hitting the slopes this season, winter shades are a must for avoiding glare from the snow. It's not all about practicality, though - on a bright winter's day the right pair of sunglasses can add a stylish twist to your look.

So what's the difference between these and the pair you wore all summer? Designs vary according to the season, and not just to comply with current trends: the sun isn't as strong during the winter, so lighter lens tints and colours - browns and greys among them - tend to be used, and frames are usually larger and sit closer to your face to help shield your eyes from the low-lying sun.

We've chosen our five favourite pairs perfect for enjoying a little winter sunshine. Browse the gallery above to see them styled and shot from all angles.

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