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Words by Mr Gavin Brett | Illustrations by Mr Rik Burgess

The Mayans were hawking hot tamales to their famished armies as far back as 1200BC, and any street food that's stood the test of that much time simply has to be worth putting in your mouth. Which is exactly why the Central American gastro-on-the-go favourite joins seven other wonders of the street food world in this appetite-whetting roundup from across the globe.

There isn't enough bandwidth in the entire internet to show you everything there is to eat out there - and half the fun is stumbling upon something new yourself, remember - but we have picked out eight street foods that no sane foodie would want to miss out on.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself local to them? Follow your nose, but for your own continued, happy and dysentery-free existence always use your head: big queues usually precede something well-cooked and worth the wait, while filthy stalls are a recipe only for disaster. Now get stuck in...