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Mr Porter Eats | 24 Mar '16


The Next Big Food Trend: Too Many Cooks

The insular attitude of old has made way for a new, open approach to cooking. We meet the chefs who like to share and share alike

Mr Porter Eats | 14 May '15

The Next Six Big Food Trends

Want to impress your foodier-than-thou friends? Start talking about how seaweed is the new burger

Mr Porter Eats | 9 Feb '17

The Most Romantic Restaurants In The World

From Paris to Yangon, MR PORTER recommends six of the best places to make a reservation this Valentine’s Day

Mr Porter Eats | 5 Nov '15

Nordic Cooking In The Wilderness

We head 375 miles north of Stockholm to meet Mr Magnus Nilsson, head chef of the extraordinary restaurant Fäviken Magasinet

Mr Porter Eats | 4 Feb '16

Remote Restaurants Worth The Journey

Seven distant dining spots where the surroundings are as spectacular as the food

Mr Porter Eats | 14 Dec '17

Why The World’s Best Restaurant Is Rooting For Beetroot

A cooking lesson from Mr Tommy Banks, the chef behind The Black Swan

Mr Porter Eats | 8 Jun '17

The Best Burgers In The World

From the West Coast of the US to New Zealand’s North Island, seven hamburgers that are flipping great

Mr Porter Eats | 8 Mar '18

The End Of Sharing Dishes

Goodbye, small plates. Hello, big plates. Full-size portions are back in vogue

Mr Porter Eats | 29 Mar '18

Six Foolproof Recipes For The Perfect Tacos

London’s best taqueros share the secrets of their favourite dishes

Mr Porter Eats | 19 Oct '17

The Best Railway Station Restaurants To Stop By

First-class destinations to dine in before you board

Mr Porter Eats | 4 Aug '16

The Best Restaurants In Rio

Where to eat up and drink it in at the end of a hard day’s spectating

Mr Porter Eats | 16 Jun '16

Inside The Best Restaurant In The World

Exclusive film: what patron chef Mr Massimo Bottura is cooking in the kitchen at Osteria Francescana

Mr Porter Eats | 28 May '15

Hong Kong Hang-outs

The hippest haunts change as quickly as the weather. Here are the eight new destinations whipping up a storm

Mr Porter Eats | 12 Mar '15

The Guv’nor Of Gastro Pubs

Mr Phil Winser, co-founder of The Fat Radish, shares the secrets to creating places people want to be – and using kale in a mantastic Caesar salad

Mr Porter Eats | 3 Dec '15

The World’s Tastiest Burgers

From Tokyo Wagyu beef to New York prime rib – indulge in the perfect patty, wherever you are

Mr Porter Eats | 28 Apr '15

The All-Stars Of Stadium Snacks

From the best pie in English football to Baltimore’s crab cakes, we serve up the tastiest game-day grub

Mr Porter Eats | 5 Mar '15

Under The Radar Restaurants

Looking for the next Noma? Or the world’s best lamb brain taco? Come join us at these food-world favourites

Mr Porter Eats | 10 Nov '16

Is This The Best Restaurant In The World?

Meet the Parisian dream team bringing the “power brasserie” home

Mr Porter Eats | 14 Jan '16

What The World’s Best Chefs Eat At Home

From tacos to a mulberry tart, even culinary wizards crave simple comfort food. Follow their recipes below and tuck in

Mr Porter Eats | 19 Jan '17

The Best Mountain Restaurants

There’s more to apres-ski dining than raclette and fondue. Here’s our guide to the best places to eat on the slopes

Mr Porter Eats | 25 Aug '16

Where To Eat The World’s Best Power Breakfasts

Because you won’t seal the deal over Cornflakes

Mr Porter Eats | 12 May '16

Eat Right For Your Exercise Regime

Fat-burning and muscle-boosting Michelin-grade meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious

Mr Porter Eats | 25 Feb '16

How To Eat Like A Local

From San Francisco to Seoul, we asked nine food experts where they go to get a real taste of their home city

Mr Porter Eats | 2 Jul '15

How To Up Your BBQ Game

From brisket to chicken to ribs to fish, four super-chefs share their crowd-pleasing recipes

Mr Porter Eats | 21 May '15

Let’s Dine Alfresco

From Cape Town to your town, six fresh spots with the appropriate wardrobe pairings

Mr Porter Eats | 22 Jul '15

Family-Style Dishes Of The Pros

From a chateaubriand to a Rajasthani curry, here’s how the world's best chefs cook for a crowd

Mr Porter Eats | 18 Jun '15

Where Italy’s Finest Chefs Mangiano Bene

Seven Michelin-starred maestros reveal the eateries not to be missed in the land of pasta and prosecco

Mr Porter Eats | 9 Mar '17

The Best Places To Eat Pasta (Outside Italy)

Warning: this article may lead to spontaneous drooling

Mr Porter Eats | 27 Nov '14

Tired Of Turkey?

Try these alternative Christmas feasts from the red-hot London chefs of Chiltern Firehouse, NOPI, Ceviche and The Quality Chop House

Mr Porter Eats | 2 Apr '15

Up Your Lamb Game

Whether you’re tasting Peruvian or Indian, or just want to upgrade your Sunday roast, these Michelin-starred chefs have it covered

Mr Porter Eats | 17 Sep '15

The Best New Places To Eat And Drink

We travel the globe to bring you some of autumn's hottest openings

Mr Porter Eats | 23 Apr '15

How The Bar Became A Hot Table

In San Francisco, incubator of many a food trend, sitting at a table is so passé. Here’s why barside dining is the next big thing in foodie-land

Mr Porter Eats | 12 Feb '15

Where Chefs Sate Their Dates

We asked the men behind the world’s best restaurants for the eight spots to make a romantic reservation

Mr Porter Eats | 8 Sep '16

The Most Fashionable Restaurants In Milan

Where the sartorial set go to dine in the Italian menswear capital

Mr Porter Eats | 16 Mar '17

Instagram’s Most Liked Brunches

From San Francisco to Sydney, the most mouthwatering midday meals on social media

Mr Porter Eats | 11 Sep '14

Date-Night Dishes

Penne, prosciutto and champagne sauce are just some of the dark arts these wizards of seduction employ

Mr Porter Eats | 3 Mar '16

The Food Trends You Need To Know

As he prepares to open his 15th restaurant, Mr Jason Atherton discusses what’s on the menu this year and beyond

Mr Porter Eats | 15 Oct '15

Why Solo Dining Is An Underrated Luxury

With tables for one on the rise, we present the etiquette of eating alone

Mr Porter Eats | 29 Sep '16

New York’s Top Five Sandwiches On Instagram

These social media stars literally look good enough to eat

Mr Porter Eats | 28 Sep '17

How To Eat Steak With A Clean(ish) Conscience

If you’re going to eat beef, here are the most sustainable places to get it

Mr Porter Eats | 16 Apr '15

Eight Deal-Sealing Restaurants

At these business-appropriate eateries lunch or dinner is a win-win situation

Mr Porter Eats | 9 Jun '16

King Of The Grill

Chef Mr Ben Tish shares his expert tips on cooking with fire, plus the best BBQ recipes

Mr Porter Eats | 13 Nov '14

Red Wines For A Winter’s Night

Five London chefs recommend their favourite wine for winter and a hearty dish to match

Mr Porter Eats | 20 Oct '16

The World’s Best Truffle Restaurants

At last, it’s truffle season. Sure, they’re pricey, but they’re the true taste of autumn

Mr Porter Eats | 30 Nov '17

The Restaurants That Jingle All The Way

The best places for music with your meal in London, New York and Paris

Mr Porter Eats | 8 Jan '15

King Of The Mill

Mr Todd Shoberg, the San Francisco chef who deejays while he cooks, goes on the record

Mr Porter Eats | 2 Nov '17

The Best Restaurants For Solo Dining

Where to go it alone, and not need your phone

Mr Porter Eats | 13 Jul '17

Where To Eat The Best Seafood In The Med

From Corsica to Capri, here are the restaurants serving up fresh summer dishes with a side of spectacular scenery

Mr Porter Eats | 11 May '17

Seven Of The Best Food Trucks

Lobster rolls, chorizo quesadillas and pork belly steamed buns – our favourite street food from around the world

Mr Porter Eats | 30 Aug '18

The Classic Restaurants That Never Go Out Of Style

The world keeps turning, as do the covers, but these are the places you can always rely on for an amazing dinner