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January’s Best Dressed

From Mr Ryan Gosling’s tux appeal to Mr Robert Pattinson’s faultless bomber, presenting the men who styled out the New Year

Dreadful yet star-spangled – if we had to write an epitaph for the gravestone of the interminable month of January, that is how it would go. It’s a month in which the weather (dreary, freezing, wet, gloomy) is completely at odds with what’s actually going on (ritzy parties, glitzy awards ceremonies, men’s fashion shows…). Yes, it’s hard to quaff champagne when you’re constantly blowing your nose, and essentially just wishing it was still Christmas. In hindsight however, though it was long and hard, January wasn’t so bad. Looking back on the outfits from the past month, we at MR PORTER have been forced to admit it. The following stylish men, in particular, really swung us round. Scroll down, and maybe you’ll be rewarded with a slightly more rose-tinted view of things, too.

Messrs Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt

  • Messrs Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt onstage at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, 10 January. Photograph by Mr Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

It’s the heart-throb equivalent of a Twix: two of the world’s most avowedly good-looking gentlemen wrapped up in a neat shiny package – the Golden Globes. But which do we like best? Will it be Mr Ryan Gosling, with his impeccable, Gatsby-esque white dinner jacket and slightly floppy bow tie, or will it be Mr Brad Pitt, with his more classic take on the tuxedo, midnight-blue in hue, with straight lapels sharp and sleek against his torso? In fact, both look wonderful, so here they both are. Sometimes you need to bend the On The Town rules a little.

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  • Thom Sweeney Two-Tone Slim-Fit Wool Tuxedo

  • Brunello Cucinelli Navy Slim-Fit Shawl-Collar Cashmere Tuxedo

Mr Adonis Bosso

  • Mr Adonis Bosso during London Collections Men, 9 January. Photograph by Mr Christian Vierig/Getty Images

It’s a little bit sad when you meet someone whose parents have named them “Hunter” or “Merlin” or similar – obviously hoping that they might grow up to display some variety of heroic and/or magical qualities – who has turned out to be somewhat anxious, or embarrassed, or just, generally, a bit of a dork. But Mr Adonis Bosso could never be labelled as such. Not only does the up-and-coming model fully live up to his moniker looks-wise, it turns out that, off-duty, he’s also a rather stylish young thing. The above outfit, with its range of beige and camel shades, manages to look wonderfully suave, even against the backdrop of a depressingly wet day at London Collections Men in early January.

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  • Theory Whyte Slim-Fit Brushed-Cashmere Coat

  • Tomas Maier Slim-Fit Cashmere Rollneck Sweater

Mr Douglas Booth

  • Mr Douglas Booth at London Collections Men, 8 January. Photograph by Mr Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Oi! Has it finally happened? Is Cool Britannia back on the cultural road-map for 2016? In any case, this outfit from actor Mr Douglas Booth reminds MR PORTER of the heady days of the 1990s, when Blur and Oasis were slugging it out in the charts, everyone still made cassette mix-tapes and there was actually a band called “Dodgy”. At this time, you could wear adidas Originals Gazelles (then, they were so original, they were just called “Gazelles”) with anything, and affect the same sort of post-grad lad look that Mr Booth is truly nailing here. Hopefully this street-style milestone is the beginning of a fully-fledged Britpop revival. Ocean Colour Scene, anyone?

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  • Dolce & Gabbana Camel Stretch-Cotton Blend Blazer

  • adidas Originals Hamburg Leather-Trimmed Suede Sneakers

Mr Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

  • Mr Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis at the Burberry Prorsum Menswear AW16 show, Kensington Gardens, London, 11 January. Photograph by Camera Press

It’s always a cause for celebration when a famous person’s child reaches a certain age and it becomes appropriate for them to be wheeled out for pictures. For Mr Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, whose father is the multi-award winning actor Mr Daniel Day-Lewis, this moment came in July 2015 when he escorted Ms Julianne Moore to the inaugural Vogue Paris Foundation gala dinner. Since then, he’s not only released a single, “Ink In My Veins”, but starred in campaigns for Calvin Klein and Zadig & Voltaire (among others), so the only logical place for him to be come London Collections Men was on the front row of the Burberry show, where he sat next to Mr Brooklyn Beckham. This is the outfit he wore for the occasion, a typically impeccable Burberry ensemble, to which he has added a little bit of his own rock’n’roll sensibility via the half-untucked pendant around his neck. It’s restrained and adventurous at the same time, which we at MR PORTER know is a difficult balance to strike.

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  • Burberry London Long Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat

  • James Tanner Sterling Silver Geometric Pendant Necklace

Mr Luca Rubinacci

  • Mr Luca Rubinacci at Pitti Uomo, Florence, in January. Photograph by Ms Melanie Galea

The grandson of Mr Mariano Rubinacci, who founded iconic Neapolitan brand Rubinacci in 1932, Mr Luca Rubinacci is an absolute virtuoso when it comes to tailoring, a fact that is clear in the above outfit’s deft handling of cut and colour. We wouldn’t normally recommend mixing so many shades together at once, but Mr Rubinacci pulls it off here by offsetting the wine-coloured coat with a blue shirt (blue being a composite of most purple-y colours) and matching his oatmeal trousers with a light-brown tie. Overall, though adventurous, it’s a look that has balance, and there’s a pleasing symmetry too to the black hat and black shoes, which have the effect here of “bookending” the outfit. For further lessons in Neapolitan sprezzatura, be sure to check out Mr Rubinacci’s Instagram account.

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  • A.P.C. Wool-Blend Overcoat

  • Rubinacci Knitted Silk Tie

Mr Nick Sullivan

  • Mr Nick Sullivan at London Collections Men, 10 January. Photograph by Mr Darren Gerrish/Getty Images

Mr Nick Sullivan, fashion director of US Esquire, is always well dressed without looking too studied. He’s the kind of man that amply demonstrates the fact that style, though somewhat intangible, isn’t exactly rocket science, by which we mean that most people would look good in the above ensemble. A navy suit and brown shoes is a classic formal combination, but what Mr Sullivan has done here to up the style stakes, is to add a pair of trousers (shortened to break just above the shoe, which is best) in a slightly lighter blue, which gives the whole look a depth and denim-y richness. The jacket sleeves are also cut to the exact right length – it’s a pedantic detail but that half-inch of white cuff showing on the left is absolutely perfect. Meanwhile, the slightly skewiff tie is just the right side of charmingly dishevelled.

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  • Dolce & Gabbana Navy Slim-Fit Cotton-Blend Jersey Blazer

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Slim-Fit Cotton Blazer

Mr Robert Pattinson

  • Mr Robert Pattinson photographed in London, 1 January. Photograph by Xposure Photos

What’s so brilliantly gratifying about the way Mr Robert Pattinson dresses these days is that, even though he’s a movie star, he wears things that wouldn’t look out of place on someone who’s simply off to buy a few magazines on London’s hip Broadway Market, or grab brunch in LA’s Silver Lake. We don’t imagine he actually gets up to this sort of thing much, between fending off the remaining Twilight fans and hanging out with his pop-star girlfriend FKA Twigs, but his streetwise style nonetheless has a somewhat humanising effect. He’s also always on his phone, which is apparently something that millennials really relate to. We particularly like this outfit because the 1970s colour palette – black and brown – is so at odds with the more 1990s look of the black bomber jacket. It’s the kind of thing the MR PORTER team has in their weekend wardrobe. We’re just like him, really!

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  • Rick Owens Faille Bomber Jacket

  • J.Crew Cashmere Sweater

Mr Jerry Lauren

  • Mr Jerry Lauren at the Winter Antique Show, Park Avenue Armory, New York, 21 January. Photograph by Mr Zach Hilty/

Mr Ralph Lauren’s brother (who is also executive vice president and creative director of men’s design at Ralph Lauren corp) tends to stay out of the spotlight, which makes the above outfit, captured at the opening party for the Winter Antiques Fair in New York, something of a rare sighting. Let’s make the most of the opportunity then, to talk about it: the double-breasted jacket, through rather businesslike with its wide lapels and straight cut, is nicely undercut by the dark gingham shirt underneath, which itself is seamlessly brought into the realms of formalwear with by the sympathetically coloured pocket square. It’s a dark palette, overall, but perfectly suited to offset Mr Lauren’s natural silver-fox look.

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  • Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Slim-Fit Cotton Blazer

  • Steven Alan Collegiate Slim-Fit Gingham Cotton-Flannel Shirt

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