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Five Ways To Beat The January Blues In Style

Reasons to be cheerful this month, from a cosy shearling coat to a sweater decorated with dancing pigs

Coming straight after the frenetic build-up and aftermath of the festive season, it’s little wonder January can leave us feeling rather deflated. The holidays are over. We’re back in the office. It’s round about now that the vast majority of us abandon our earnestly (and rather hastily) made resolutions and, seeking refuge from our chilly environs, swap Saturday nights of festive revelry for the sanctuary of our sofas. In short, we could all do with a bit of cheering up. You’ve heard of comfort eating, but have you attempted comfort dressing? That is, clothing and accessories that are cosy, colourful and buoy the spirits. Read on to discover the pieces that are making us happy this month.

If you just can’t bring yourself to leave the house more than you need to, we certainly don’t blame you, but there’s no reason you can’t do so stylishly. Or extravagantly, in the case of Sulka’s gloriously indulgent robe. Versace’s silk-trimmed number will also imbue you with a commanding swagger as you survey your manor… or shuffle to the sofa. We recognise not everyone would characterise their personal style (or bank balance) as “exiled European royalty”, however, so for something a little more accessible, look to Paul Smith. The designer’s sweatpants and co-ordinating hoodie are made from soft cotton-jersey and decorated with rainbow-striped drawstrings. It doesn’t get more cheerful than rainbows.

At some point, you will have to abandon the safe haven that is your centrally heated home and venture onto the grey, drizzly streets, even if it’s just to prove that you are still alive, if not quite kicking. Before you do, reach for something cosy. Nothing lifts the spirits quite like shearling and Loewe’s take on this textile is a rare breed indeed. Its red and black vertical stripes provide a welcome slimming effect after the indulgences of the festive season. As for the accessories, the sight of Undercover’s Eastpak faux-fur backpack is enough to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

From autumn onwards, the dominant colours in our wardrobe tend to mimic our seasonal surroundings. Brown, burgundy, navy and black fill the streets and everything suddenly seems very serious after the vibrancy of summer. And, while we heartily appreciate their place in a well-balanced winter wardrobe, these colours could hardly be described as fun. So why not instantly elevate your mood with something such as this Calvin Klein 205W39NYC down jacket and gilet combo? It possesses duvet-like warmth and comes in an eye-catching blue and green colour block. If you’re a bit colour-shy, ease yourself in with Nike’s ACG fleece. Its neutral hue is punctuated with touches of teal and orange.

We all have items of clothing that instantly put us in a better mood. Maybe it’s a pair of trousers that seem to miraculously take several inches off your waist measurement, or a T-shirt that reminds you of your misspent youth. For a good portion of the MR PORTER office, our mood enhancer of choice is Gucci. Much of Mr Alessandro Michele’s output serves as sartorial serotonin, but none more so than this jaunty sweater, which features a troupe of dancing pigs. Add a touch more levity with Corgi’s intarsia socks. The comfy pair is pattered with summer-ready bears, an addition that might just transport you to warmer climes on otherwise arctic mornings.

We know, we know. You’ve already cocooned yourself in the silk and cashmere robe, surrounded yourself with various snacks and settled in to a bingeing session. But there are only so many true-crime documentaries or blindfold-related shows in Netflix’s repertoire. When you’ve exhausted all your viewing options, why not partake of a little physical exercise? Nothing too strenuous, of course. Just enough to work up a sweat and spark an endorphin rush. How about a gentle jog? Yes, it’s freezing, but not when you try Nike’s Element half-zip top. It utilises the brand’s Therma Sphere technology – a triple-layer composite material with heat-insulating nodes – to keep you nice and toasty during your exertions. Top it off with Soar Running’s merino wool and silk beanie for extra snugness. That should release the happy hormones.