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How To Get That LA Look (Wherever You May Be)

California knows how to be part of your everyday wardrobe

Frenetic as the world currently seems to be, the present moment is very much about a more relaxed kind of style, typified by the skaters, musicians and fun-lancers we brought together for this week’s shoot on Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles. Of course, though this look might seem new to those of us more used to a European sensibility when it comes to style, California has been flying the flag for its own laid-back brand of cool since the 1960s. Up until now, it’s been easy to admire, not so much to emulate. But with the preponderance of oversized silhouettes, tie-dye sweaters, camp-collar shirtsskate shoes and slogan T-shirts currently flooding MR PORTER, you can now order the whole thing straight to your door, whether you do in fact own a food truck in Silver Lake or whether you live in one of the other 169 countries we currently service. Scroll down for our edit of the best late-summer pieces to add a bit of that LA attitude to your pre-existing wardrobe.


We’ve said before that every man should have two pairs of indigo selvedge denim jeans in his arsenal – one new and crisp, one faded and worn in. But we’ve issued fewer directives around the divisive styles designated by the term “distressed”, mostly because it’s a love-it-or-hate-it look. In short, if you balk at the idea of buying your clothes pre-muddied, perhaps move on to the next paragraph now. However, if you’re curious about trying it out, it’s a particularly good time to do so: many of 2018’s most celebrated designers are into it, so you won’t be alone. It’s also very LA. Dip your toe in by matching this pair of paint-spattered jeans from Saint Laurent with a tie-dye sweater from LA cashmere brand The Elder Statesman and some checkerboard slip-ons from Vans. Not only is this a high-end reimagining of a very current look, it’s a good way to divest yourself of your material concerns (by which we mean, yes, we know it’s expensive, sorry – but trust us, once you get your hands on one of those sweaters…).

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The denim jacket is the ultimate summer throw-on, perfect for stuffing in a bag during the day and then whipping out as the evening creeps in. Many brands, of course, offer up this staple, but if you’re looking for both ease of wearing and lightness (something that’s particularly important in this California-esque weather we currently seem to be experiencing in Europe), make sure to try out this particular example from New York’s Rag & Bone. Rendered in washed denim sourced from Japan’s historic Kaihara mill, this piece has a weightlessness to its construction, which not only makes it easy to slip on and off, but particularly good for wearing over other things – in this case we’d recommend some summer-appropriate items from another rising New York brand, Aimé Leon Dore.

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Many of the current crop of streetwear obsessed designers owe much to Stüssy, the global style empire first launched in the 1980s by Mr Shawn Stussy, a resident of Laguna Beach, California. Mr Stussy has now moved on from the brand, of course, but there are still few better places to come for irreverent printed shirts such as the above, which comes with a very au courant prowling panther motif splashed across the front. (Hopefully, we don’t have to explain the whole camp-collar shirt thing at this point – they’re absolutely everywhere, and in this heat, you can see why.) Wear it with some distressed jeans from Los Angeles’ AMIRI and a pair of high-top Converse sneakers.

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The rise and rise of Mr Heron Preston is a bi-coastal and, ultimately, interstellar story: born in San Francisco, he was educated at Parsons in New York, and in his life as a designer, influencer, content creator and general all-rounder, he has collaborated with Mr Kanye WestMr Virgil Abloh and... Nasa. This loose-fit T-shirt is emblematic of his irreverent style (“style” is what it says in Russian down the bottom of this tee, and across the collection, by the way), in which streetwear and meme-culture mix to striking effect. Wear it to your next sneaker-drop queue with a pair of shorts from Pilgrim Surf + Supply.

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Skate shoes are among those pieces that were initially designed for practical reasons – the flat, wide, grippy soles are supposed to help you stay on a skateboard – but have since become widespread down to the cool points of the people that have worn them. Which explains the existence of this latest style from Common Projects, a lace-up sneaker that offers a premium upgrade to your Vans Old Skools. Wear it with this sweater from Remi Relief – because you’re not living the Californian way unless you have at least one tie-dyed garment in your wardrobe.

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Yes, grown-ups can wear hoodies. They have been for ages. There are few pieces more comfortable (and comforting) to slump around in at the weekend, but the hoodie is also more versatile than you might think. It will, for example, look good underneath a wool overcoat come winter, and can even be made to work with tailored trousers (we’re thinking more of a drawstring variety, such as Acne Studios’ Ryder style). Having said that, you can also just wear it like you used to: with a big logo splattered over the chest. For these purposes, we recommend this example from new-ish, but already cult brand Aries, which comes with logo included but also a strident “ARIES ARISE” slogan on the back. The yellow colour and striped string tie are rather eye-catching, too. Wear it with some mirrored shades, so you can clock everyone clocking you – they will be.

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