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The Interview

A Sprinterview With
Mr Usain Bolt

The world’s fastest man on Mr Kanye West, his favourite emoji and his fantasy football team captain

  • Mr Usain Bolt wearing the Hublot King Power Usain Bolt. Photograph courtesy of Hublot

We caught up with Mr Usain Bolt during a short break in his preparations for the Olympic Games in Rio this summer. The 29-year-old Jamaican sprinter is going for an unprecedented “threepeat”, aiming to become the first man ever to win 100m and 200m golds at three consecutive Olympics. We asked him to answer each of these quick-fire questions in 9.58 seconds or less – his world-record time for the 100m. He gave us his shiny gold Hublot watch – called Big Bang Unico Usain Bolt – with which to time him. On your marks, get set, go!

What’s your recurring dream?

Someone chasing me with a gun. No matter how hard I run, I cannot get away. I never get shot or anything.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I do a [sign of the] cross and give thanks for a new day. Then I check my phone.

Name the app you can’t live without.

Aside from Instagram and Snapchat, the only thing I do is play dominoes on my phone. I play a lot of dominoes.    

What’s your favourite emoji?

The crying with laughter face.

What’s the song you sing in the shower?

Bob Marley’s “One Love”.

  • Photograph courtesy of Hublot

What’s your breakfast of champions?

Ackee and sailfish with banana and yam is my favourite. But I can’t get that in most places. Just at home.

What would your death row meal be?

Any form of pork with dumplings, bananas and yam and stuff.

Who’s your style icon?

Kanye because he never overdoes it. And that’s me. I try never to overdo it. I’m always the simple type. 

Who would captain your fantasy football team?

Cristiano Ronaldo.

What’s the most surprising fashion item you own?

Oh my God, this is like a test! I have this Gucci jacket, which is almost like a white snakeskin. When you touch it, it’s weird.

Best advice your mother gave you?

My mum was always the chilled one in the family. She wasn’t the advice-giving type. She never said, “Oh you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that.” She was just really loving. She never really stressed. I could get away with anything with my mum.

What’s your biggest extravagance?

My cars. I had 12 once. I’ve sold most of them now. My favourite is my gold Nissan GT-R with white interior. It’s crazy-good.

  • Photograph courtesy of Hublot

If you weren’t an athlete, you’d be…

I was always going to be an athlete. But if they didn’t turn me into a track star, I would have been a cricketer.

Name a place everyone should visit before they die.

This year, me and my girlfriend are going to the Maldives.

First thing you do when you get into a hotel room?

Turn the AC off. Can’t bear it.

First thing you do when you get home to Jamaica?

Lie in my bed and turn ESPN on.

What’s the most listened to song on your iTunes right now?

“Panda” by Desiigner.

Who’s done the best impression of your lightning bolt celebration?

Barack Obama.

Mr Usain Bolt is a Hublot ambassador

Mr Usain Bolt wearing the Hublot King Power Usain Bolt. Photograph courtesy of Hublot