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What Your Luggage Says About You

Are you indestructible, rock’n’roll or jet set? We have the perfect case (and gear) for you

  • Simon Vinall

You’ve got baggage – get over it. Pretending it’s not there, or that it’s any less important than the other items in your sartorial arsenal, is really not going to work out well for you in these ever-more mobile times. The suitcase is, after all, a possession that – depending on how incandescently interesting you are – you will haul for thousands of miles across multiple timezones and endless shimmering hotel lobbies. What a shame if, instead of inspiring admiration and envy across the globe, your luggage leaves you suffering from carousel envy and valet shame with a trail of sneering faces in its wake? Of course, getting the right luggage – as with any accessory – is a great way to show a little bit of personality. But which case goes with which temperament? Read on to discover what, so to speak, you are packing.


You’re the kind of guy that eats lots of red meat, opens beer bottles with your teeth and has a 100 per cent success rate with jam-jar lids. Maybe you’re a guitar tech. Or a roadie. Or into extreme sports. The fact is, you are tough with a capital T and need luggage to match, even when it’s just a carry-on. Enter Samsonite with this light but exceedingly durable cube-shaped wheely bag. Made out of the latest Curv material, it’s guaranteed for 10 years and, thanks to its high-impact resistance, should be able to take anything you – yes, even you – can throw at it.


  • Stüssy World Tour Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

  • Filling Pieces The Low Fuse Suede Sneakers


You’re certainly aware of the many newfangled recent developments in travel – online booking, personal hotspots, aeroplanes – but you prefer to espouse more tried-and-tested (and undeniably more elegant) ways of getting around. If a Globe-Trotter suitcase was good enough for Captain Scott and Sir Winston Churchill then, well, a Globe-Trotter suitcase will do nicely for you, too. Though this particular example has concessions to modernity that you will not openly acknowledge (like its handy wheels), its vulcanised fibre casing is a proven design that has changed little since the 1850s. And of course the look of the thing – handmade in England and with beautiful leather detailing – is a perfect match for your well-cut suit and bench-made shoes.


  • Paul Smith A Suit To Travel In - Blue Mayfair Wool Suit

  • J.M. Weston 180 The Moccasin Leather Loafers


Wait a second, don’t we recognise you? You’re that guy, from that band… what’s your name? Oh well, anyway, you’re famous. Or almost famous. Or have a famous friend. You’re probably off to play a show in some buzzing style metropolis, where, after your encores, you will dine with artists, rappers and people with more than 100,000 Instagram followers. In a week or so, you’ll be spotted bubbling away in Mr Richard Branson’s Jacuzzi. No one will really understand why. But everyone will still wish they could hang out with you. Hold on to your Saint Laurent luggage carefully – it’s pretty much a bona-fide part of rock history now and the fans, bless them, would kill to get their sweaty hands on it.


  • SAINT LAURENT Boomerang-Print Crepe Shirt

  • Balenciaga Suede Chelsea Boots


You have selected all the requisite garments for your trip with the utmost efficiency and folded them neatly with android-like precision. The vessel in which you are to put them, therefore, must avoid the extraneous at all costs – travelling can be messy and if there’s one thing you hate, it’s mess. In addition to presenting a clean, futuristic exterior that Mr Stanley Kubrick would almost certainly approve of, this Rimowa case is both big enough to fit everything that someone as rigorous as yourself might conceivably need on a three-week trip as well as being light enough, thanks to its almost weightless aluminium case, to chime neatly with your barely there aesthetic.


  • John Smedley Belvoir Rollneck Merino Wool Sweater

  • Lanvin Slim-Fit Wool-Blend Jersey Trousers


You may have booked some cushy beach resort in Cancun but you have sure as darn-it packed for the eventuality that, instead, you might end up hacking through dense foliage in a rainforest or trekking across the desert with nothing but a compass. Why? Because you are, in general, up for it, whatever “it” may be. You therefore need something that, like you, is a little more flexible, has lots of pockets to store survival necessities and looks a lot like it’s going on an adventure. This Eastpak suitcase has the added benefits of a rugged construction, handy wheels and a 30-year guarantee.


  • Blue Blue Japan Herringbone Linen Suit Shorts

  • A.P.C. Cotton Field Jacket


You travel a lot. In fact, so far, you’ve spent nearly 70 per cent of your exciting and enviable life 30,000ft above the ground being offered champagne and playing with the up-down controls on your convertible seat bed. Having seen the world, eaten at all the best restaurants, met the most fascinating people and generally had a rather nice time of it, only the best will do for you, which is why you will naturally gravitate to things inscribed with the “G” word. This latest weekender bag from the famous Italian brand, which has been making wonderful things for your sort since the 1920s, is a particularly refined take on a classic design, featuring a textured triangle pattern that, as all your pals in the airport lounge will agree, is most subtle and attractive.


  • Barena Grey Unstructured Knitted Mélange Wool-Blend Blazer

  • Officine Generale Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Trousers