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Previously the men’s fashion director of The New York TimesT Magazine, Mr Bruce Pask now holds the same role at Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury goods department store on Fifth Avenue in New York. He has also costume designed for theatre, including the 2010 Broadway revival of Promises Promises by Neil Simon.

Mr Pask's Recommendations


“My favourite restaurant is The Bellport, in Bellport, Long Island. It's on the way to the Hamptons, but it's worlds apart. I spend weekends there and am almost always there for Friday night supper...sometimes alone after a yoga class, having dinner at the bar, but more often at a table with various groups of friends. The inviting vibe is one of familiarity and friendliness. My favourite dish is their well-known fried chicken with mushroom fricassée. Always consumed with pints of Blue Point toasted lager.”

IPA's please
IPA's please


“I'm not much of a cocktail drinker, I'm more of a beer snob. I love Dram in Williamsburg, NYC because my friends can order great signature house cocktails and I can imbibe my beer (IPA's please). The interior is vaguely nautical in feeling with sleek wood slats along the ceiling and walls, making for a slick yet warm environment. The Saturday night cocktail waitress is one of the friendliest and loveliest in NYC.”


“I am endlessly intrigued by travel and the excitement of finding a new place. Be it far away and exotic or local and down home. I spend most of my time away in Bellport, on Long Island, but that is an extension of my home. I revisited Capri this summer, which I must say is heaven. I like to go to the beach club in the late morning after a walk and then head up to a table for fresh seafood pasta and crisp white wine.”


“I guess I must say NYC, my home. It can have the sense of being intimate and neighbourly, or vast and unknown. The diverse population is always intriguing to me. I have grown to love visiting Williamsburg in Brooklyn for the great, inexpensive restaurants, the people watching and the bigger open sky.”


“I love the Sunset Tower Hotel in LA. Jeff Klein is the most gracious and attentive host and he runs a tight ship. It's utterly discrete and quiet, while remaining right in the centre of the Hollywood hubbub. The restaurant is the sexiest dining room in the city. The rooms are large and beautifully decorated by Paul Fortune, reminiscent of the hotel's earlier days as an Art Deco residence of movie stars in the 1930s.”



“I use a well worn in Mulberry brown pebbled leather messenger bag. I love it and I'm a bit flummoxed as they don't make the style anymore and mine is on its last legs. I take it everywhere.”



“I am a big fan of a lot of labels and designers, but if forced to choose one I must say Dries Van Noten. I am always enamoured with the way that he can examine classic garments, fabrics and silhouettes and recalibrate, reconceive and redefine them while still respecting a man's simple need to look, well, manly. Last season he designed a heavy twill khaki trouser with a matching belt modelled on a trench coat’s belt...grommeted, a bit longer, with hardware. I thought it was ingenious.”



“I have an A.P.C. heavy grey wool flannel sport jacket, single breasted and crisply tailored. I wear it with everything. While a navy blazer, even in a heavier flannel fabric, can look quite dressy or even conservative, the same jacket in grey has a more broad interpretation. Depending on the trousers I choose, my jacket can look casual or dressed up, but always appropriate.”



“This is hard. I would say Tilda Swinton because I find her so visually striking and I appreciate her ability to shape-shift at will.”



“I'm very drawn to George Platt Lynes and his circle of friends, lovers, etc. There is a beautiful book of photographs of him and his crew from the Thirties that I found very inspiring.”



“Most men buy their suits and sport jackets too big for their frames. I suppose they may think there's a correlation between their size and their masculinity. My advice is to try on the jacket size you think you wear, then try on one smaller and see how it looks. See how you feel. It is so much more visually appealing to fill out one's suit than to swim in a larger size.”



“I'm not yet a bespoke customer, but for my tailoring needs I use Chris French Cleaners on 4th Ave. in NYC. They have a tailor there who does great work and he's amazing at patching those decade-old jeans that I just can't get rid of or stop wearing. For special jobs, celebrity clients and photo shoots I always book Martin Keehn. He's a great extra set of eyes for fittings, with an informed opinion and a wit to match his needles.”



“As you can probably tell by now, I am not a bespoke customer by any means. I'm strictly off the rack. That being said, I love the shirts from the +J collection at Uniqlo. I also like to get my white shirts from J.Crew . They both do a slim fit that suits me just fine.”



“I must say that I am a big fan of the J.Crew Ludlow suit. It's a perfect fit for me off the rack. It's a nice, close-fitting body with just enough, but not too much, shoulder. I love the slender straight leg. The Ludlow in grey flannel is my go-to suit.”



“I must say that I am a Dries Van Noten trouser fan. They are usually an artful interpretation of a classic, so they differ from season to season a bit, while maintaining enough consistency for a male shopper's comfort level. I have a pair of heavy twill khakis that had a matching trench coat-style belt. I also bought a slim wool flannel pant with, gasp, an elastic waist.”



“I have been wearing Levi's Vintage Clothing all my life. The shrink-to-fit 501's are a bit too full cut for me so I was lucky enough to find some 501xx that are much more slim - J.Crew stocks them. I also like A.P.C. 's straight leg jeans when I want a slightly sleeker look. I have some Dior jeans that are even more slim, for the odd occasion.”



“I’m a pretty basic Calvin Klein Underwear boxer brief customer.”



“I like a very slender cut, single-breasted jacket, with a slender-ish lapel. I have some great ones from A.P.C. , J.Crew , Engineered Garments.”


“Why? I would say my go-to shoe is a Clark's desert boot, in sand suede. I have gone through multiple pairs of them and I wear them with jeans, shorts, suits, everything. I love them. I also have the classic Brooks Brothers Cordovan lace-ups, with grommets.”


“Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray. I have pretty limp hair and it gives it a nice amount of body and hold, while also reminding me that summer is always around the corner.... somewhere.”


“That's a hard one. I'm absolutely in love with my old Volvo 1993 station wagon. In love. It suits me just perfectly. I suppose I would like an old Jaguar, given the chance.”


“I wear a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date, on a steel bracelet with a grey face. I like the smaller size and neutral color as it doesn't emphasize my very thin wrists.”


“I have to say the obvious: my iPhone. I know. Very unoriginal. But it's so user friendly, even for a technophobe like me. I'm able to sync my home computer, work computer, and phone with contacts, calendars. etc. It is quite incredible. Second place would have to go to my Tumi Travel Adaptor. I take it wherever I go and it hasn't failed me yet.”


“I read a lot, get very involved with my current selection and then am on to the next. I'm not a big re-reader, but since I have read John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany twice I think that may be the one. I like the themes of fate and destiny, and trusting that things are what they are for the best reason. And that may not reveal itself immediately.”


“Sigur Rós' Ágaetis Byrjun from 2000. It's an Icelandic band that plays lushly orchestrated music, perfect for airplane travel and setting a mellow mood at home. I actually saw them open for Bjork in Coney Island and it was quite a spectacular night.”