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Mr Paul Feig

Fast Facts

  • Restaurant: Jean-Georges
  • Bar: Dukes Bar
  • Hotel: Claridge's
  • Gadget: BlackBerry
  • Book: The Catcher in the Rye
  • City: NYC
  • Essential item: Santoni monk-strap shoes
  • Vacation: Venice
  • Watch: Panerai Luminor GMT Titanium
  • Brand: Ralph Lauren Black Label
  • Suit: John Varvatos
  • Jacket: Ralph Lauren Purple Label black corduroy
  • Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
  • Shoes: Testino
  • Bag: Henri Beguelin briefcase


Mr Paul Feig is an actor, producer and director who is overseeing the Ghostbusters reboot, and who also directed comedy Bridesmaids, starring Kristen Wigg and Spy, featuring Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law. He has also directed episodes of The Office (the US version), Arrested Development, Nurse Jackie, Mad Men, 30 Rock and others.

Mr Feig's Recommendations


Jean-Georges in New York. My favourite dish is the caviar egg, a hollowed out egg shell with soft scrambled eggs inside, topped with crème fraîche and a healthy spoonful of caviar. C’mon, how can that be bad?”


Dukes Bar in London. Ian Fleming supposedly discovered the Martini here. Head barman Alessandro creates the Martinis tableside and freezes the gin (Berry Brothers No. 3 if you ask for it, which just happens to be the world’s greatest gin) so that the cocktail never has to touch ice. He then adds two dashes of vermouth to the chilled glass and finishes it with a large twist of rind from an imported, thick skinned Sicilian lemon. Perfection.”


“Venice in the winter. There’s no crowds then and the cold weather keeps the canals from offending one’s olfactory senses. And at Christmas, the decorations make it especially magical. Just being in a city that has no cars will also lower your stress level considerably. As long as you don’t fall in the canal, you’ll be fine. However, with all the Aperol spritzs you’ll be drinking, there’s a good chance you’ll be canal-bound at some point.”


“New York City. It sounds like a cliché but it’s pretty impossible to beat. As a writer, it contains no end of inspiration. Any time I’m feeling creatively blocked, I just need to take a walk and I’m inundated with ideas and human energy. And London is a very close runner-up, for exactly the same reason.”


“I love Claridge's. I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some of the nicest hotels in the world and loved so many of them but there’s just something about Claridge's that is special. There’s such a history and pageantry to the place that I’m always thrilled whenever I walk inside it. The rooms are Old World and fabulous in their timelessness. The staff is professional and attentive. And the location couldn’t be better. I’m always happy when I get to stay there.”


“I collect bags the way women collect purses. It drives my wife crazy. But I love bags and each one has a different function. The one I use most is a black Henri Beguelin soft leather briefcase that has handles and a shoulder strap. But I also love my small black and grey checked Louis Vuitton duffel that I carry when I need to bring more gear with me. I’m also quite fond of an old used Vuitton classic brown briefcase that I picked up in Paris that still had the business cards of the Swiss banker who sold it inside its inner pocket. I keep them in there to remind me that it can all end at any moment and I could be the next guy selling his LV bag for cash.”


“I have two. Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. I love Ralph’s classic American designs and his range of styles. I especially like both his Ralph Lauren Black Label and Ralph Lauren Purple Label lines. The Black is a great European thin-cut look and the Purple is well-fitted and made with high quality materials. As for Tom Ford, I love his unique style, inspired by 1970s fashion but brought into modern day. His suits are like wearing a Rolls-Royce, made of the highest quality materials and solidly constructed. His shirts are also fantastic, fitted thin and with an Italian high-collared flair. Really gorgeous stuff.”



“My black double monk-strap, cap-toe Santoni shoes. The double monk-strap really steps up any suit or pair of jeans. It immediately makes even the most casual outfit dressy. The shiny silver buckles are like cuff links for your feet. These shoes always get compliments and often take the pressure off the rest of my clothes.”



“It’s another cliché but I have to go with Cary Grant. He represented pure class but wore it with total ease. The clothes never controlled him. He controlled them. He wore his style like a second skin, confident and cool, commanding it the way that Jimi Hendrix used to command a guitar. Clothes were one of Cary Grant’s expressions of himself, of who he was, of how he lived, of what made him great. He used style the way we all should – not as a way of trying to be other people, but of showing the world who we are.”



“Factor your head into whatever you’re wearing. It’s easy to put on a new outfit or style and look at it in the mirror and think you look great. But make sure you look at your head sitting on top of that outfit and make sure it fits with the rest of the look. While I’m not saying you can’t try to adopt the current looks at any age, I do think you need to judge the look based on how the world will see you. There’s nothing worse than realising that you made a fashion blunder because you were trying to dress too young or too hip or too out of your personality. While I’m a firm believer in owning whatever style you feel like trying, take full stock of your look before you buy. What’s good for one person isn’t always good for another and your gut will usually tell you if what you’re thinking about wearing is right for you or not.”



“I’ve yet to get myself a personal tailor. I tend to rely on the tailors at the various stores I shop in. My feeling is that the tailors who work for a specific brand or designer are more familiar with the specifics of that make and so are better suited to alter them. I have no empirical data to back this contention up but I’ll fight to the death to defend it. As you can see, I have control issues.”



“I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Tom Ford shirts. Right off the rack, they fit beautifully. They come in both regular and slim fit and for the first time that I’ve ever encountered, even the regular fit feel tailored before any alterations are done on them. As opposed to every shirt I’ve ever bought before Tom Ford, these shirts aren’t made for the man with the biggest belly first. They are nicely tapered and, as always, made from the highest quality materials.”


“Again, it’s a tie. I love my Ralph Lauren suits and I love my Tom Fords. Each designer fills a different function for me. The Ralphs are classic and understated and the Fords are fun and showy, while still being exceedingly elegant. It gives my wardrobe a perfect balance. And I also have a number of John Varvatos suits that help round out my closet. I love Varvatos for work. (I always wear suits when I work, whether when directing, editing or prepping a film or TV show.) They’re both dressy and casual at the same time.”



“I’ll be honest. I never buy trousers. I either buy jeans or full suits and then use the trousers from the suits to mix and match with other coats and sports jackets.”


“I like 7 For All Mankind and Citizens For Humanity. 7 For All Mankind makes a great thin-fit jean called the Slimmy which works nicely with suit jackets because of its slim cut and tapered leg. Citizens For Humanity makes a great boot cut that has a bit of elasticity to it that makes it one of the most comfortable pair of trousers I’ve ever worn.”


“I’m a briefs guy. I used to wear boxers but frankly like a little more support down in my nether regions. I really like Calvin Klein Underwear but have also had great success with Marks & Spencer briefs. And you can’t beat the price on the M&S unmentionables.”


“I like a good two-button, single-breasted sports jacket. I’ve had great luck with Ralph Lauren on this front. I have a tweed Alpaca wool sports coat that I love that makes me look like a befuddled English professor. I also have a Ralph Lauren Purple Label black corduroy jacket with a beautiful tapered cut that I wear so much the elbows are beginning to wear away.”


“I love Testoni shoes. For some reason, they fit as if they’re custom-made for me. Everybody’s feet are different but Testoni apparently has someone with the same feet as me who they use as their reference. Its styles can be hit or miss but when you find the right one, it’s a shoe that you’ll wear until it falls apart (which it seldom does).”



“Kiehl's Close-Shavers Squadron shaving cream. I shave in the shower and just the smallest amount of Kiehl's delivers a smooth shave that’s almost impossible to cut yourself during. And it leaves your face feeling silky and moisturised. As someone who used to destroy his face shaving every day, believe me when I tell you that this is a game changer.”



“I’ll be honest. I’m not really into cars. My ideal scenario is one in which I never drive a car again for the rest of my life. But that said, if my dream car could be one that is perfectly safe no matter what, I’d drive a smart car. Honestly, a car can’t be small enough as far as I’m concerned.”



“I have a Panerai Luminor GMT Titanium that I love. I got it as a gift from a producer for doing work on a movie script. It’s a watch I’ve always wanted.”


“BlackBerry. As much as I love my iPad and my iPod and my iPhone and my MacBook Air, my life would fall to pieces without my BlackBerry. I’ve tried to quit her but can’t. I do too much of my business via email, especially since I despise talking on the phone, and the BlackBerry keyboard is just too easy to use. I love my iPhone but typing on it is like having an over-attentive relative trying to second-guess everything you’re saying.”


“I’ll probably sound like a teenager saying this but The Catcher in the Rye. It’s almost like a religious text to me now. It’s such an accurate portrayal of an outsider going through a transformative experience and Holden Caufield’s voice is the true voice of the disaffected, the one who doesn’t accept the world as it is. Reading it for the first time was one of those moments I can point to when my life changed, when I saw that the written word can be so much more than just information, that it can move you and make you think about the world in a different way. And it’s a book that I can read again and again and my enjoyment of it only grows.”


“I guess it would have to be Miles Davis’ Bag’s Groove. It’s one of the few albums I love in its entirety, that I know I can put on and I’m going to enjoy every moment of. And it’s one of the only albums that I can trust to entertain people at any party. To me, it’s the soundtrack of being an adult and enjoying all that adult life has to offer. And speaking of adult life, who among you will now have a drink with me?”