The Portfolio

The Movie Set

MR PORTER meets the men of the moment at the Toronto International Film Festival

On The Road

Big Country

Five Canadian adventures where both the beauty and the beasts will leave you breathless

The Argument

Why Are Canadians So Funny, Eh?

Canada’s comic delivery is world class – thanks to a stand-up comedy club called Yuk Yuk’s

The Tutorial

How Not To Offend A Canadian

Lose the snow, skating and Shatner jokes. Here are six real truths about our Canadian cousins

August 2014: On The Town

On The Town

Our global round-up of the men who wore it well last month

The Knack

How To Survive Falling Through Ice

By Mr Jack Baker, president of the North American Ice Fishing Circuit

This Week I’m Wearing

Mr Lalle Johnson

The Stockholm-based stylist shares his weekday wardrobe

The Report

An Englishman's Guide To Ice Hockey

Overtime, Oilers and octopi. Here's our brief guide to the NHL