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Five Japanese Brands You Should Know

Meet Blue Blue Japan, Beams Plus, White Mountaineering, Neighborhood and Remi Relief

Style Icons

Steal These Looks

From the world’s only living emperor to film-maker Mr Akira Kurosawa, MR PORTER shows you how these shoguns of style do it

Staff Picks


From Saint Laurent to Stan Smith, metallic to mesh, this season there’s a style for every man

A Saturday With...

Zim of Black Shadow

Meet Mr Kinya Ueno, AKA Zim, the leader of one of Japan’s most curious subcultures

The Gear

The Return of The Superbike

What’s the next big thing in serious, super-fast road cred? These handsome beasts are ready for their moment

The Argument

The Best American Cheeseburger Is Actually in Shibuya

Blue jeans. Pizza. Coffee. Our East-beats-West guide to places where Tokyo allegedly does it better

The Interview

Tales Of The City

Mr Sohei Nishino’s stark photographic compositions depict almost medieval views of the world’s metropolises

A Gentleman's Guide To


Rice, rice, baby: we decipher Japan’s national drink – otherwise known as the wine of the Samurai