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The Portfolio | 26 Nov '15


London’s Finest Craftsmen

Mayfair has been the world capital of handmade gentleman’s supplies for the last 300 years. Meet six artisans who are keeping it that way

Icons | 26 Nov '15

Built To Last

We spent an afternoon at George Cleverley, a Mayfair shoemaker where many a 20th-century style icon has left his famous footprint

This Week I’m Wearing | 26 Nov '15

Mr Mathieu Lehanneur

The Parisian visionary (and Huawei chief designer) takes MR PORTER around his top local spots

The Edit | 26 Nov '15

Bags Of Character

From a rucksack to a messenger – here are six examples of craftsmanship that will stand the test of time

The Gear | 26 Nov '15

Furniture Designs We Have Our Eye On

Discover eight beautiful and stylish designer pieces crafted by the new breed of “urban woodsmen”

The Knack | 26 Nov '15

How To Talk To A Tailor

Considering a bespoke suit? MR PORTER offers a few pointers on how to be the perfect client

On The Road | 26 Nov '15

Five Art Cities To Visit Right Now

A look at the new cultural capitals where artists, collectors and curators are flocking and flourishing

The Knowledge | 26 Nov '15

Italian Hand Gestures

How to speak the language… without saying a word