The Best Holistic And Natural Treatments For Men To Try Now

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The Best Holistic And Natural Treatments For Men To Try Now

Words by Ms Danai Dana

4 October 2023

The effects of stress, pollution and general wear and tear can manifest in many ways. Skin can appear dull or we may have breakouts and texture. Apart from maintaining killer skincare and self-care routines, a professional treatment can detox and bring life back to our tired and stressed-out faces. These five holistic beauty spaces from around the world will calm you down and glow you up.

01. London, UK

The high impact facial at Cloud Twelve

Cloud Twelve is a wellness haven hidden in a corner of Notting Hill, west London. It is the perfect spot to detox and rejuvenate while you’re in the city. Its founder, Ms Jenya Di Pierro, spent 10 years in Japan, where she fell in love with the country’s spa culture. She went on to study naturopathy and herbal medicine. With Cloud Twelve, she wanted to build a space that harnessed the power of plants and natural remedies. It has been created with sustainability in mind and uses only organic and vegan products, eco-friendly materials and is paperless.

Cloud Twelve focuses on traditional treatments, such as acupuncture and homeopathy, but has also embraced technology and incorporates organic products in these treatments. The High Impact Facial comprises three treatments: microdermabrasion, a type of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, increase circulation and prep the skin; microneedling, which infuses the deeper layers of the skin with a customised serum; and red-light therapy, which helps stimulate collagen, calm inflammation and impart glow. It is suitable for most skin concerns. “There are many benefits, such as hydration, plumping, tightening of pores, scar repair and reduction of fine lines,” says spa manager Ms Karen Spearing. “It’s also amazing for congested skin and helps reduce pigmentation.” The spa also has a salt room, which relieves breathing ailments, and a quartz crystal bed to help you unwind.

£185 (60 minutes)

02. New York, US

The facial massage at Crystal Greene Studio

The aesthetician Ms Crystal Greene’s studio in the heart of New York City specialises in rhythmic facial massages. “I don’t rely heavily on machines,” she says. “My hands are my greatest tool.” The La Sculpture facial is a must if you suffer from tension, dullness and water retention. “It helps lift and contour cheekbones, release tension, especially in the jawline and eye area, increase circulation and improve lymphatic flow, which will reduce puffiness and firm the skin,” she says.

Along with the holistic sculpting massage, Greene exfoliates the skin and applies products rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Although she mainly works with her hands, she does use a Lyma laser, too. “It’s a non-invasive laser that doesn’t use heat, has no down time and works on all skin types,” she says. “It treats fine lines and texture and promotes elasticity.” Expect baby-smooth skin by the end of the treatment.

$350/£287 (60 minutes)

03. Bezau, Austria

The anti-ageing, anti-pollution facial at Susanne Kaufmann Spa

It is worth making a trip to the Bregenzerwald region of Austria purely for the spa at Hotel Post Bezau. Created in collaboration with the natural skincare brand Susanne Kaufmann, Spa Bezau is a calming space that focuses on wellness and offers both traditional and modern methods and bespoke programmes. Its key focus is combating the effects of environmental pollution on the body and skin.

The Anti-Ageing Signature Treatment promises to purify the skin and add antioxidants and other active ingredients via an ultrasound treatment. This in turn promotes circulation and cell turnover, giving you a healthy glow. As tension in our shoulders can cause tension on our face, expect a detox massage on your back and arms to help you relax all over. On top of using the Susanne Kaufmann skincare line, which is made with organic Alpine ingredients, the spa supports local companies and is mindful of waste. “Sustainability means so much more than using natural ingredients,” therapist Ms Stephanie Rist says. “It’s also about the people, the companies you work with and trying to protect the environment.”

€273/£325 (120 minutes)

04. Los Angeles, US

The bespoke facial at Shani Darden Studio

The skin expert Ms Shani Darden has gained quite a following. Based in Los Angeles, she started working from home and produced custom-made products for her clients. Now her magical treatments are available at her studio in Beverly Hills, including a full-body red light therapy bed.

Darden creates a bespoke facial and customises products for each client. The studio also uses her microcurrent technique – microcurrent gloves, to be exact – which helps the products penetrate deeper into the skin, tightens the muscles and sculpts the face. It also increases lymphatic drainage, releasing tension and draining toxins. Her product range is vegan and cruelty free and contains nourishing and acne-friendly ingredients, such as aloe vera and plankton extract mixed with actives.

From $500/£410 (60–90 minutes)

05. Franciacorta, Italy

The Chenot deluxe day spa programme at L’Albereta

Chenot’s clean-eating method is based on more than 50 years of research and its detox programmes are available at a number of locations around the globe. Typically a seven-day affair, these are designed to reset your lifestyle through detoxification, a plant-based diet and treatments to promote natural healing. During the programme you will also undergo tests and health checks, so they can advise you on how to optimise your health and create a personalised treatment plan. “The Chenot philosophy is focused on improving your overall health-span and addressing the root causes of ageing,” says Ms Emma Haefeli, Chenot’s head of marketing. “By working on the health of the body, we can overcome emotional and chronic stress. Guests can expect to look and feel cleansed, refreshed and more youthful.”

If you can’t spare a week out of your busy schedule, the Chenot spa at L’Albereta in Franciacorta, Italy, offers a one-day programme. The Day Spa De Luxe includes a body scrub, facial drainage massage and electro-stimulated cupping to detoxify from head to toe and relax the muscles, as well as a “bio” lunch of fruit, raw seasonal vegetables and grains followed by a cleansing tea. While you’re there, enjoy the range of herbal teas and the clean-eating cookbook.