Eight Knits That Nail The Cosycore Trend

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Eight Knits That Nail The Cosycore Trend

Words by Ms Fedora Abu

23 November 2022

If you’re still wrapping your head around kidcore, have barely got to grips with balletcore and are literally just hearing about kittencore (OK, so, we might’ve made that last one up), then sorry not sorry, folks, but we’ve got another fashion portmanteau for you. Introducing “cosycore”, a seasonally apposite trend that’s all about hunkering down by the fire, cup of hot chocolate optional, in your best fleeces, wool and shearling. Now, if you’re thinking, “Hey, wait a minute, that doesn’t sound at all ridiculous – on the contrary, give me a good dose of that this minute”, then you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we dare you resist the pull of these eight cosy pieces that just happen to be right on the money.


The 11.11/eleven eleven merino wool shawl

Easy to pull on, tricky to pull off: such is the essential truth of the poncho. Sure, it’s divisive, but if you’re game for a styling challenge – and life’s too short to play it risk-free, don’t you think? – then we recommend diving head-first into this snug merino-wool creation by craftsmanship-first label 11.11/eleven eleven. Not just for men with no name.


The Acne Studios distressed jacquard rollneck

By now, we’re all wise enough not to expect anything run of the mill from those mischievous folks over at Acne Studios. And sure enough this season’s collection is packed full of left turns. Bucket hats are cast in lilac and generously trimmed with shearling, voile shirts are reimagined in bright-pink sequins – and, here, an otherwise wholesome jacquard-knit rollneck has been stylishly subverted by way of a light distressing.


The KAPITAL printed cotton-fleece jacket

Among the rare few who have not yet been enticed into the kult of KAPITAL? How’s this Yosemite jacket to grab your attention? It’s crafted from a plush cotton-fleece, printed with an eye-catching arabesque pattern and even arrives with matching sweatpants, if you’re feeling extra fearless this festive season.


The Manastash furry fleece jacket

The fuzzy appearance of deep-green zip-up fleece instantly imbues it with tactile, teddy bear-ish quality. But… what if we told you that this jacket was actually the handiwork of outdoorsy outfitters Manastash and hence comes equipped with a technical windproof membrane that cleverly locks out the chill? This teddy bear is ready for any picnic (even ones that are no picnic).


The Mr P. shearling fleece jacket

Our very own in-house label Mr P. is all about crafting modern essentials ­– and this shearling fleece jacket is a case in point. Not only is it unbeatably warm – slip into this number on a chilly day and good luck getting out of it. But it also arrives in a pair-with-anything hue that’ll slot seamlessly into your current rotation.


The Pendleton “Dude” zip-up wool cardigan

If old-school, heritage-driven, gimmick-free brands are your ultimate sartorial turn-on, then get a load of Pendleton. Founded in 1863 (that’s before the invention of the telephone) and equipped with its very own mills (so quality guaranteed), the Ohio-based family-owned label is best known for its flagship blankets – but this jacquard-knit cardie, as seen in The Big Lebowski, is not to be slept on, either.


The Remi Relief alpaca cardigan

Fun bit of trivia for you: it’s scientifically impossible for the gloomy winter weather to get you down if you’ve pre-emptively enveloped yourself in a layer of alpaca wool. Rather conveniently, this slouchy, Mr Kurt Cobain-esque cardigan by skate-inspired Japanese label Remi Relief is spun from exactly that – and nothing more.


The Elder Statesman cashmere cardigan

If you’re a devoted follower of The Elder Statesman, then don’t panic: those highlighter-bright hues you know and love are still very much on the menu. But should you develop an appetite for something a little more low-key every now and again – albeit still in that signature soft-as-a-cloud cashmere ­– then this knee-length shawl-collar cardigan has you very much covered.