Canali Is The Brand To Elevate Your Day-To-Night Style

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Canali Is The Brand To Elevate Your Day-To-Night Style

Words by Mr Colin Crummy

25 November 2022

A key aspect of contemporary living is that we live it in hybrid mode. We blend WFH with back-to-office; we have learnt that a gruelling CrossFit session works best with a restorative hatha yoga class. Somewhere along the way our style has also relaxed into hybrid mode. The office suit is no longer regulation kit for the nine to five; parties have dialled down from black tie to come-as-you-please. But formal dressing and the kind of charge that putting on a great suit gives us hasn’t completely disappeared off the radar. If anything, the prevalence of dressed-down codes makes the more formal occasions extra special.

Dialling down the dress code shouldn’t mean we have to complete slouches in the style department either. Which is where a brand such as Canali shows its strength. In theory, the prevailing winds towards loosening up should have hit heritage tailoring companies the hardest. And yet, it’s labels like these which are leading the way when it comes to pioneering a more casual way of dressing that is less formal or buttoned up but also relaxed without being slovenly. In this respect, Canali, a master in menswear elegance, has proven itself an expert in elevated casualwear.

It may be no great surprise that the Italian brand has shown itself similarly adept at the business of relaxed style, given Canali’s three generational, 90-year experience in the more formal side of things. Perhaps the simplest example is the humble cotton T-shirt, which in the hands of Canali’s master craftspersons, finds itself elevated from the everyday.

Made in Italy (of course), the Canali T-shirt is itself a hybrid, sitting comfortably between traditional tee and lightweight sweater. It’s the material here that counts – knitted from breathable cotton, which gives this T-shirt a substantial and elegant feel, while the forest green colour adds a certain richness.

Versatility sits at the heart of Canali’s endeavours. The reversible quilted jacket is designed for comfort, but plays with two colour and style options, from a classic grey to a rustic mushroom hue. Similarly, the bold white twill trousers are imbued with a little bit of stretch to ensure utter ease in wearing this style.

Premium fabrics are key here – a philosophy that has always been at the heart of the Canali story. A relaxed dress code doesn’t necessarily mean easing up on luxury. The rollneck sweater is typical, designed for comfortable layering and as easily paired with tailored trousers or jeans. Either way, this extra fine merino wool feels reassuringly luxe.

It's a similarly reassuring story across the Canali casualwear collection, striking a decidedly modern, masculine note with the attention to detail and dedication to premium fabrics that’s ensured Canali’s own enduring legacy. Founded in 1934, the brand has been setting the standard for menswear elegance ever since, marrying artisanal know-how to wearability and comfort.

It’s a tradition that continues to this day; casualwear may be an increasingly significant part of the Canali story, but the brand still thrives on its reputation for impeccably tailored suiting and formalwear. Each suit is a masterclass in Italian dedication to craft; a suit jacket, for example, takes over 300 steps to complete. Innovations are more than just neat touches, too; the Impeccable wool suit is made from the heroic sounding Super 130s wool, which is breathable and crease and stain resistant.

The shift in mood into clothes that feel comfortable informs Canali’s contemporary tailoring. The Kei blazer, part of its lightweight tailoring collection, offers classic suiting without constriction. It’s about simple elegance in design, slim cut, with soft cashmere-blend fabric and half-lining that achieves subtle structure. So while the occasion may err on the style of business/formal, you don’t have to feel too stiff.

And if you are planning on letting loose this party season, Canali has tuxedos you’ll feel utterly comfortable indulging in. The double-breasted tuxedo jacket, made from wool and mohair blend is designed to let you go all out on the formal front with its luxe satin trim and pin sharp peak lapels. For black tie with character, there’s the Jacquard-woven tuxedo jacket with a vibey tonal geometric pattern, shawl collar and sharp padded shoulders.

And when the party’s finally over, you’ll thank us for recommending the Canali down jacket to wear as you wait for your late-night carriage home. For the hybrid life is best lived with smart, stylish solutions that enable you to move between occasions with ease. For that, there’s Canali, a luxury brand comfortable in all worlds.

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