Five Handy Products To Take With You On Your Next Flight

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Five Handy Products To Take With You On Your Next Flight

Words by The MR PORTER Team

1 September 2021

Ah, flying. Easy, perhaps, to see it through rose-tinted glasses when we haven’t been able to do it for quite some time. The butterflies in your stomach as you take off; the emancipating feeling of turning off your work emails and pretending your colleagues don’t exist. Alas, you’ve clearly forgotten how stressful it can be, and that the bright-eyed optimistic person you feel like at departures can quickly transform – mid-air – into a zombie-ish wreck by the time you land. With that in mind, here are a few grooming products to maintain a semblance of well-put-togetherness when flying.

01. The portable fragrance case

Smelling your best is considerably easier than looking your best, but no one wants to have to pack their fragrance collection in their suitcase. To keep things simple (and less prone to leakage) invest in a travel fragrance case – this zinc one from Maison Francis Kurkdjian is ideal for jet-setting, or just the gym.

02. The mid-flight snooze mask

If you’ve never felt the impossibly smooth embrace of a silk eye mask, believe us, you’re missing out. It’s not too late – this one from Slip is perfect for shutting out the world for a mid-flight nap, leaving you feeling well-rested when you land.

03. The fresh eye gels

Did you have to pay extra for the bags you’re carrying under your eyes? Make all signs of flight fatigue disappear with these cooling eye masks from 111SKIN – put them on 20 minutes before you land and alight the plane looking like you slept soundly the whole way.

04. The safe traveller

Travelling in 2021 can be testing in every sense of the word. Stay safe (and smart) with these face masks from Dr. Barbara Sturm; they’ve been crafted from an anti-microbial, anti-friction fabric called Aerosilver, and are even designed to stop your glasses fogging up.

05. The quick-turnaround travel kit

To make sure you’re never caught unprepared, it’s worth investing in a trustworthy travel grooming kit that you can pack in your hand luggage. This one from Grown Alchemist has everything you need – from shampoo to a facial exfoliator – to keep you looking the part wherever you end up.

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