The Great Escape: Six Albums To Immerse Yourself In

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The Great Escape: Six Albums To Immerse Yourself In

Words by Ms Danai Dana and Ms Emma Pradella

7 May 2023

Need an escape from it all? Whether it’s a faraway beach on a deserted island, a bright-green hill in Switzerland or a made-up utopia, we’d love to go away and ignore our responsibilities for an hour or two. For all you daydreamers of the world, we’d suggest these six albums to transport you to alternative dimensions. Think grooving under the silver moonlight or opulently sipping on a salty margarita by the poolside. Bon voyage, folks.


Call Me If You Get Lost by Tyler, the Creator (2021)

Arguably Tyler, the Creator’s best album to date, Call Me If You Get Lost is about travelling, appreciating the world and being grateful for your experiences. His kaleidoscopic sound makes us want to hop on a jet and fly off to Geneva. French vanilla ice cream, anyone?


Honeymoon by Ms Lana Del Rey (2015)

Made with teardrops of opulence, gloss and glamour, Ms Lana Del Rey’s pop-noir Honeymoon delves into an Art Deco cinematic cloud of old Hollywood, through which she explores the purgatory between fantasy and reality. It’s melancholic, poetic and ethereal – the full Lana experience.


Travelling Without Moving by Jamiroquai (1996)

Jamiroquai’s third studio album (and the best-selling funk album in history) is the perfect companion for a road trip – or for anyone dreaming of one. Infused with acid jazz and dance tunes, it’s all about life, love and frontman Mr Jay Kay’s passion for sports cars. Don’t miss “Cosmic Girl” and “High Times”.


Cracker Island by Gorillaz (2023)

The virtual band’s latest electronic pop album gathers some of the most escapist artists of our time – including Thundercat, Ms Stevie Nicks, Tame Impala and Bad Bunny – to take us to magic coves and made-up paradises. We’d expect nothing less from Murdoc, 2-D and co. Forever cult, indeed.


Oceans Of Fantasy by Boney M (1979)

From the Euro-disco legends who brought us “Rasputin”, Oceans Of Fantasy by the German-Caribbean group Boney M might just be the groovy escapist album for you. For anyone in search of a beachy escape in the tropics where you can drink a Bahama Mama in a sandy disco.


Dreamland by Mr Robert Miles (1996)

No escapist album playlist would be complete without a progressive house/dream trance release such as Mr Robert Miles’ fittingly titled debut studio album, Dreamland. Since its release in 1996, “Fantasya” and “One And One” have taken over the world’s dance floors, so they’re guaranteed to get you bopping to the beat.

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