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Five Of The World’s Wildest Fishing Trips

2 weeks agoWords by Ms Jenny Southan

Fly fishing on Cesar Lake in Chile. Photograph courtesy of Rio Palena Lodge

“He came out unendingly and water poured from his sides… His sword was as long as a baseball bat and tapered like a rapier and he rose his full length from the water and then re-entered it smoothly, like a diver,” wrote Mr Ernest Hemingway in his 1952 book The Old Man And The Sea. Born 120 years ago, the legendary writer was an audacious fisherman, and his tales of hooking creatures of the deep continue to inspire.

Sitting by a quiet lake for hours on end may be meditative, but is distinctly lacking the adrenaline jolts you get from more daring angling expeditions such as hauling big game sailfish out of the sea in Mexico or barramundi from the remote waters around Darwin, Australia. Here are five wild fishing trips that will challenge your strength, smarts and endurance, and will be worth building an entire holiday around.

01. Chase marlin off Cuba