Dress Code: What To Wear This Spring

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Dress Code: What To Wear This Spring

Words by The MR PORTER Team | Photography by Mr Daniel Benson | Styling by Mr Olie Arnold

18 February 2022

We tend to make a pretty big deal out of the concept of spring cleaning. Clearing the dust and cobwebs from our homes, wiping down everything from countertops to baseboards, and washing sweaters so that they’re safe from moths is simply good practice – we definitely recommend. But we also suggest giving your closet a once-over so that you might clear out the sartorial cobwebs as it were and start fresh for the season. You don’t have to throw everything out, of course, but why not do a little review and see what you need – or simply want – for spring?

If you need some inspiration in this regard, below are five outings you might have on the docket in the coming months and some style suggestions to get you going.


The daytime date

Ah, the date-dressing dilemma. As if the prospect of delivering a personal sales pitch to a stranger wasn’t enough to induce terror, there’s also the question of settling on a single high-stakes outfit that somehow communicates all of one’s most admirable qualities. For cultured day dates, we say aim for stylish ease by way of structured silhouettes rendered in “workman” fabrics such as suede and denim. And don’t underestimate the power of a brand-new pair of shoes in instilling confidence – Gianvito Rossi’s desert boot is suitably laid-back, but feels a touch more polished than your weather-worn everyday sneaker. A pair of brightly coloured socks by Falke slyly suggests a man who engages with style and is attuned to the finer details. But really, the pièce de resistance arrives in the form of Francesco Maglia’s chestnut-handled umbrella, which will chivalrously shield you and your date (not to mention your suede jacket) from the inevitable spring showers.


The country walk

There’s a strange fallacy that outside of the city, the merits of being well-dressed no longer apply. Sure, function is the foremost concern in rural settings but seeing as every design-driven city-dweller appears to have decamped to the country in the last two years, it’s certainly worth staying on your sartorial A-game (the inherent delights of dressing for oneself notwithstanding). Few words carry less sex appeal than “practical footwear”, but Mr P.’s Jacques’ hardy suede-trimmed boots happen to be rather easy on the eye, too. Likewise, it doesn’t get much better than Brunello Cucinelli’s parka, which is crafted from a combination of the world’s most delectable fabrics, including a toasty, chill-beating down. A TOM FORD label might typically translate to suave, urbane city-dressing, but don’t be fooled: these cotton moleskin trousers are built of sturdy stuff. Finally, finish with Berluti’s buttery soft Scritto leather gloves, which you’ll be inclined to keep on hand when you make your way back to the metropolis.


The big night out

Need a night off from working out today’s Wordle? We’d hazard a guess that even the most introverted among us could really do with a decent night out right now. The kind of evening that’s marked in the calendar for weeks, that says big blow out and necessitates getting all dressed up for. Haven’t done that in a while? The key to getting back into the swing of socialising is to embrace boldness. Low-key dressing doesn’t cut it; a night on the tiles means no room for wallflowers. This eye-catching Gucci suit will smarten up your act, while a vibey shirt will add a lightness to proceedings. From here on in, the night is yours, though a Cartier watch will both finish the look and keep an eye on time if you need to relieve the babysitter (sorry to put a dampener on things).


The city break

When it comes to city breaks, some of us are planners and some of us just hop on a last-minute flight and hope for the best. Even if you’re resistant to plotting every detail of your 48 hours in a capital city, there is some guidance that will ensure you spend your time soaking up the sights rather than getting soaked through. Because if you’re not one for the details, you’ll likely not be too bothered about a weather check before you fly. This is where layering does all the work; a KAPITAL gilet paired with a linen shirt and Jersey T-shirt means you’re ready for a cold snap, while a bucket hat speaks to sunny optimism even in rainy times. A tote bag is a useful addition for storing additional layers. Finally, whether you’re a city-break freestyler or not, you’ll likely do a lot of meandering. In either case, a pair of New Balance sneakers will keep your feet happy wherever you roam.


The dinner date

Springtime – AKA the start of wedding season – may inspire you to make more of an effort to go out on dates after work. Pollen may be in the air, but so is romance. For evening dates, we like to make sure we’re projecting an “I put in some effort for you” vibe, which is why this outfit is perfect from head to toe. Clean, neutral sneakers (emphasis on the clean, here) are relaxed but smart. Drapey-yet-casual trousers by UMIT BENAN B+ show you didn’t just pull on the same old jeans. A visually interesting sweater might seem like a lot for a first meeting, but this one from The Elder Statesman is a guaranteed ice-breaker – no need to talk about the weather when you’re wearing a sweater like this. Speaking of the weather, top it all off with a classic trench coat from Studio Nicholson. If spring is known for one thing, it’s spontaneous rainfall – but you’re wearing a raincoat, proving to your date that you’re a pretty smart guy. Well done.