How NN07 Can Help You Stave Off The Winter Blues

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How NN07 Can Help You Stave Off The Winter Blues

Words by Ms Lili Göksenin

22 October 2021

As we move inexorably into autumn and winter, our closets mirror the changes in our environment, becoming, well, blacker and more navy. It’s hard to resist the comforting lull of deep, dark shades that make getting dressed when it’s still dark outside just that little bit easier. And while the optimistic side of our nature might resist this shift to a moodier palate – shouldn’t we be counteracting the grey skies with bright colours? – if said clothing fits right and is a joy to wear, well, what’s the issue?

Luckily, NN07’s collection for AW21 is here to prove that darker doesn’t have to mean gloomier. Yes, it’s full of blues and blacks, but denim, cardigans and parkas are also wrought in subtle, wearable shades and flattering cuts, and punctuated by the odd splash of colour.

The Copenhagen-based brand has always made distinctly easy-to-wear, not-so-basic basics that are timeless, fuss-free and can be worn for both work and play. This season, the brand continues its streak of winning wardrobe heroes with colour-blocked cardigans, easy trousers and outerwear that will keep you warm and put a smile on your face.

We are particularly partial to the puffers and parkas, which have silhouettes that are both boxy and svelte – yes, somehow NN07 has made the impossible possible. The collection delivers such a range of hues, from midnight blue and sunshine yellow to a creamy white (more on that one later), so that you can have a Goldilocks moment when choosing the one for you.

The name of the game here is versatility. Cotton drawstring trousers and a denim button-down are office-appropriate (depending on the office, of course), apple-picking ready, and cosy home wear all-in-one. Toss on a tonal cardigan and hooded jacket and this might just be the platonic ideal of an autumnal outfit.

The aforementioned white puffer jacket might not be the most obvious choice for winter outerwear but it’s the kind of jacket that will draw eyes and compliments (we can almost guarantee this last one). As such, it’s not one for shrinking violets – this is an understated coat that will, ironically, surely be noticed. We’ve styled it here with denim and more denim. If you’re wearing the white coat, you might as well go for gold with the rest of the look: double denim plus a cosy cardigan is just the ticket.

Another theme from this collection you may have noticed is that it’s simply perfect for adding layers on layers on layers. We talk about “layering” quite a lot on MR PORTER, but it’s really the easiest and most stylish way to dress when the temperature drops. Hoodies under overshirts, cardigans over denim, parkas on top of the whole lot – this is how you go from the air-conditioned office to an overheated pub and take a brisk walk home with ease. The key is finding a capsule wardrobe that makes layering easy without creating the feeling of being sausage casing-adjacent. And NN07 has you covered, literally and figuratively, in this regard.

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